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need some tips about candida leaky gut and red skin dots . by Fredde_9999 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   7/23/2009 7:49:57 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi My name Is Fredrik I Just turned 18 and i am from Sweden so sorry if the english is not the best.

1 Year agoo I started to Get Depression ,suicidal toughts, and skin rashes/red tiny dots -aka Keratosis Pelaris the diagnosis of what the skin dots are is not of importance it is what is creating it,, lookd like thousands of little red goose bumps .

i should say that at the time i did smoke alot of marijuana for 3 months dont know if it can contribute to anything like toxic liver,fungal overgrowth etc,

I went to The dermatologist and they said basicly try this exfoliating cream that i had allready tried and it made my skin even worse.

Then i heard some people talking about the link between candida/leaky gut and keratosis pilaris (the red skin dots.

i consulted a candida/leaky gut specialist in London and went there to do a test called vega-test or computerized-electro-dermal screening as it is also known as, it basicly compare your bodys frequency to the foods you may have a weakness for they often uses this tool for candida leaky gut, parasites ,cemcichal sensitivty ,heavy metals and other common health tests you can make today.

they tested 113 foods and i was sensitive to yeast, wheat , egg , Sugar , vinegar, peanuts ,pistachio, mushroom, soy sauce ,chocolate, fizzy drinks, and some fruits.

They told me i had fungal overgrowth and a leaky gut , stressed adrenals and a toxic liver.

And got a diet and some suplements for this.

so before i went on the candida diet and avioded all the foods that they told me to avoid, i actualy ate alot of them the first 2 months becouse the cravings for this food was to strong and i took half of the suplements for candida and then stoped and then 3 weeks later i took the rest..

so that suplementation didnt go to well and i started getting more and more red dots coating hole surface of the skin on legs, arms, shoulders , etc and i went on the candida diet verry strictly and avioded everything that was bad to eat on a candida diet ,,and i didnt eat to mouch carbs , etc i have basicly been eating fish , tofu , meat and brown rice and alot of salad and veggies the past 7 months .

everytime o eat i get this tingeling sensation under the skin like somthing is leaking thru and starts to grow on the skin like the red dots this sensation can be made up in my head but when i tryed to eat foods like yeast bread once i feelt it even more could also be made up in my head.-(probably is)

anyway my dots started to get more and more i started i started to get like red lines almost like litle sores/cracks under the skin at my armpits/shoulders chest area and the skin is alot more red and sensitive in this areas.

i started to get (fatigue wich is alot better at the moment) shoulder and neck pain could be becouse of that i dont do sport more , brain fog , loss of concentration , poor memory , irrability and anger outbursts ,

and the most frustrating of them all tinitus( wich i got 6 months agoo after getting on the candida diet when i stretch my neck and bite my teeths togheter hard it get worse and sounds even higher, i also started to get heraing difficulty in the left ears some days its better some days its worse and my ears feels sore alot of the time, i have not even listen to any high music the past year.

i also have red dots on the front of the tongue.

And i think its called blood pooling in my feets and head , for example when i have my head down to the ground leaning over the bed down at the floor to pick up somthing i get bright red all over my face and its a high pressure in my head feels like its gonna explode if i stand on my hands i havnt had this before since ive been standing alot on my hands when being younger gymnastics etc.

i have also lost alot of weight the past year and i look verry skinny i cant put on weight could be becouse this new diet i dont know.

3 months agoo aproximatly 6 months of being strictly on the candida diet i didnt see any improvement i tought the diet alone would do at least somthing,

so i consulted a nutrionist who claimed doing a hair mineral analysis was the best thing to do becouse when adressing the mineral and vitamin defiencies and balancing them, all my symptoms would go away.

so i got the paper and had mineral defiencys in calcium magnesium, copper , manganese , selen , boron , cobalt,

iodine , thalium , bismuth , platinum ,lithium ,

so i got suplements for Vitmanin E and no selen wich i tought was strange since it was low.

then i got somthing to adress blood Sugar balance . pancreatic enzymes , calcium , magnesium , B vitamins , copper, thymulus , and a so called sympack with D vitamin , kolin , metonin, co enzyme q10 etc.

i also wonderd why i didnt get any suplement for the Iodine deficiency wich could indicate low thyroid functions ?

i have been on the suplements for full time now and nothing has happend it will be intresting when i get the new hair analys home if the deficiency remains.

could the deficiency be becouse of leaky gut and candida that i dont digest food properly and get any nutrient from them ?
Or is it becouse i have knocked out to many foods?

after this mineral and vitamin balancing im in contact with another nutrionist that had a proggrame for me she said ive been on it for about 4 days ,

the suplements are . (SACCHAROMYCES BOULARDII for me to stop reacting to everyfood i eat she says)( CULTURELLE a probiotic)

BIO DOPH 7 PLUS CAPS (a probiotic) HYDROZYME TABS (helps with the breakdown of foods) BIOTICS BIO D MULSION FORTE (vit D is needed to strengthen immunity in the gut) she says,
ALLERGY RESEARCH QUERCETIN 300 to stop the allegic response from food.

she says to me that you cant starve candida and you have to restore the imunity in the gut with good bacteria .

intresting to see if this works. and that im allowed to eat one apple a day.

im not sure its becouse my (iga) levels are high that i react to everyfood i eat i think its couse when nutrients leak thru the gut, the liver cant handle all those toxins and then send them to my biggest oran the skin.

so what should i do am i on the right way or entirly wrong?

Is Castor oil packs good for me ?

i am also wondering about other bacteria/ parasites or viruses eggs was indicated as a food sensitvity and the link between salmonella/shigella and leakygut is there.

some people say you cant eat alot of fiber when you have leaky gut etc is this true? and that food combining is good. also that diary, grains and foods that are complex to break down should be avoided couse i dont have enzyme capacity and the internal structure to do so.( what foods are easy to digest?)

i am eating jordan s rubins chicken broth soup that is said to be good with leaky gut.

should i eat alot of alkaline forming food?

and i dont understand you cant eat rawfood when having leky gut becouse you cant break it down but a rawfood diet is famous for being rich in enzymes becouse cooked food dosnt have that ? ( and when having leaky gut you need alot of enzymes)

and im also going to make a a new food sensitvity test called (genova) its in blood.

so where should i start am i on the right way or could the skin rashes tinnitus be from somthing else?

i started eating sprouts last week and , alot of sea vegtabels , some buckwheat (sprouted) not cooked. and some hempseed milk and hempseed protein powder. yoghurt in the morning and lactofermented veggis. and the chicken broth soup.

some people say avoid sulfur contaning food when having leaky gut some say grains some say dairy some say nightshades some say eggs etc .

what to avoid and is there any idea trying to heal a leaky gut before getting rid of candida ?

I do Understand everyone is different and will find his/her way of healing there imbalances, but if anyone have some good valid points or recomendations i will appreciate them,

wow that was all, i will appreciate anyones thoughts about this hole mess . Thanks Fredrik!.


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