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thoughts, thinks, suggestions...and MEAT (vegan diet) :) Re: ok.. so, what next? by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   7/24/2009 10:44:40 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Here ya go!  Lots to learn, read, research and thinking about to assist you on your healing pathways!


I am nearing the end of my current protocol, and I'm wondering what I do next.

to date, I have completed the following:

2 humaworm parasite cleanses (I should be starting my next one in august)

1 huma cleanse (I now know that was pretty useless, as it didn't give me a good colon cleanse)

6 "coke" liver flushes (yep.. I know that it wasn't the best way to do it.. but I did get some stuff out)

30+ days on IF#1 and IF#2.. (I bought an extra 10 days which will take me up to a week before my Alaska of about 45 days worth of colon cleansing)

10 day kidney cleanse (with Uny's teas and tinctures)

10 day liver clenase (with Uny's tea, tincture, as well as the orange/olive oil/garlic/ginger drink in the AM, and castor oil packs at night)

will do a big flush on Friday, and possibly saturday as well..

But then what?

I can draw my own conclusions, and I KNOW that my liver isn't done... but what else?

You continue up the stairs and along the healing pathway, each step based on  progress made and current symptoms & issues (and adding the things that were necessary on the lower steps that weren't included).   No matter how tempted we are to deal with the 'finishing touches' first, the foundation must be returned to 'rock solid'.   One of the things that's missing from the list above is what specific diet changes you've made (and how much water you're ingesting).  And if you're taking Superfood (a must) and how are you doing with the cayenne/how much daily (another 'must' to help your insulin receptors, metabolism & weight issues).    So  in order to be of assistance, how much of each are you taking daily?  Why and/or why not?

And then we have the meat/dairy issue...where a lot of learning & reading is likely going to be necessary/required so you can 'get your head around'  this healing truth, enough to feel confident & healthy making the changes that will benefit you.  Before going further...let it be known :::grin::: my roots have "Iowa farm girl" written all OVER them (my grandfather raised Black Angus cattle; my grandma kept chickens, and there wasn't a freezer in any house I was ever in on that side of the family that wasn't FULL of meat of some kind or another).  It took me a LONG time (and LOTS of learning, reading & research) to understand & accept the 'no meat & dairy' don't think I'm picking on your or 'beating you up' :)

So, here's your reading assignments (regarding meat, vegan diets, & protein) with other thinks & thoughts interspersed.  Once you've read through all of this, if you have further concerns (or questions about the material), I'll be happy to offer more information:

--This post:

and particularly this link in it:
(101 Reasons I Am A Vegetarian - 1996)...remember that many of these issues (particularly the chemical issues and animal feed) have worsened by hundreds of percentages since 1996.  Unless meat is certified organic, you can be assured that animal has had torturous living conditions (virtually all never see the sun or earth...which matters to the health of the animal & quality of meat, whether or not 'animal rights' are part of our health choice); they are injected with fantastic quantities of antibiotics, growth hormones & other poisons (no one can expect to lose weight when eating drugs designed to fatten)...and these animals are forced to consume totally abnormal amounts of grain (but it's not REAL grain, it's laboratory-mutated grain), along with various other poisons (including arsenic in chicken feed...'had yer daily dose of arsenic?), the ground up-cooked-down remains of rotted, diseased/dead carcasses of their own & other animals, fluoridated/chlorinated water (fluoride IS cumulative, so we get an extremely large dose of fluoride and other cumulative poisons when we eat the flesh of animals that have been poisoned).  And don't EVEN get me started on 'farmed fish'...the poisons they feed and antibiotics used can be even worse.  And then "whatever it is" that this flesh is that we buy (because it's NOT natural meat) is then irradiated (see this post: AND sprayed with a laboratory created critter that eats bacteria (hmmm, wonder what those critters eat once it's in our body...the beneficial bacteria upon which our life & health is dependent?).


--On the Gerson program (which has cured tens of thousands of people from cancer and other serious diseases), one ingests only produce and juice (with a VERY occasional piece of sourdough rye bread or small serving of yogurt...which are not allowed until disease remission is well underway).  Total protein daily? approximately 55 grams...more than enough for any average adult.  More protein than that, and one can easily limit healing progress.  Read these next three short chapters on Protein & Healing to understand why this is:


No matter HOW many thousands of years 'meat & dairy' ingesting has been ensconced in our society (and know matter how healthy Weston Price found those civilizations when he was paid/funded by the meat & dairy industry to do the research :::sigh:::), the fact remains that amongst our most similar relatives (the great apes and other monkeys) is UNnatural to eat the flesh of animals...and when you think about it, it's totally (ack!) bizarre for any animal to ingest milk after it's been weaned  (just imagine how you'd react if you saw a 52 year old human suckling the breast of a 32 year old woman)...and it's TOTALLY disgusting & freakish to ingest the milk of an animal not even in our species (change that picture above to a 52 year old human suckling from the teat of a horse, cow, or dog).  It's NOT natural...end of story.


Dr. Christopher's Mucusless diet:

The above link is not just a list of 'allowed foods', it contains a LOT of good information.


Let's look at the diet & health of the great apes...'never saw a fat one, right?  'never saw a flabby one either.  AND while they do munch a few bugs now and then (and will kill other animals, but they never eat the muscles, they generally only break the bones & suck out the marrow)...their diet is (yep), fruits, veggies, leaves, nuts, seeds & grains.  Life expectancy: 150 years. 

Let's go back to that 'no fat no flab' thing.  All the protein we need for creating ALL of our body parts (muscles included) comes from plants.  All plant eating animals that WE eat have ample muscle & skeletal integrity.  When we eat their muscle, we're getting second hand nutrition...and our bodies have to work EXTREMELY hard to get it (4-6 hours, vs. 15-30 minutes for juices and generally less than an hour or so for raw produce...assuming it's been well-chewed and the digestive tract is cleansed and in working order).  We are getting absolutely nothing more than what the animals made and their bodies used to turn into 'parts'...but we ARE getting a hunk of something that contains absolutely NO fiber and takes our body 4-6 hours to process...leaving our gut lined with rotting mucous/slime.

Dr. Christopher compares our body to a 'gold/raw ore processing machine'.  Imagine two machines: one that removes the gold from tons of raw ore (dirt, rock, and other metals), and one that processes gold taken only from veins of raw gold.   Each machine WILL produce 'pure gold'....but which machine's parts are going to wear out sooner? and which machine will be in need of constant maintenance & attention?  The one that ate meat & dairy.  Remember a full 65% of the energy our body uses daily is spent on the process of digestion...with meat & dairy, your body will be processing it at 'full energy expenditure' for several hours after you've eaten each meal - with juice & raw foods, we're looking at a few minutes to an hour.  Do we/you want 65% of the body's energy to go toward digesting food that wears out your machine?  Or do you/we want that energy to go to the process of healing & restoring? 

Dr. Gerson, Dr. Christopher, Dr. Schulze....likely the three most successful healers that ever lived, ALL used strictly vegan diets & heavy juicing for healing & living.  I know of no author or 'experts' whose actual clinical results come anywhere close to rivaling these three.  But I know of a TON of people who decide to be 'vegetarian', drop meat & dairy from their diets, and live on canned beans; mucous-forming dead grains; health destroying processed 'meat substitutes', and foods from 'health food' markets that are every bit as toxic as what's in a normal store (and just as full of GM foods).   The goal is not to cut out the meat & dairy and replace it with something just as toxic & unnatural - the goal is to take responsibility for our health and change our diets (and our taste buds) to what is TRULY healthy and 100% natural.


of course I am going for overall good health.. but my specific issues that concern me most is my weight. See all of the above - meat & dairy are the WORST things you can possibly be ingesting when in healing mode, and (along with transfat/hydrogenated fat) likely the worst thing you can ingest while trying to lose weight.  Oh sure, there's the high protein diets that work for many, but they'll crucify your health (and they're addressed in the chapters above).

(I've gained almost 30 pounds since starting on this "natural healing" journey in december..Some of what you were doing before you found this forum wasn't totally 'natural' - let's amend that to say "journey of healing without doctors' :)  Taking responsibility for your own health/body is a good thing no matter what 'name' we put on it :)

 and I was grossly over weight to start with.) The sooner you learn why you need to adjust your diet to 'fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & grains - and the oils & juices thereof', and start doing it consistently, the faster you'll see the weight drop off (and improvement in your other symptoms & issues).

and my second goal is to completely eliminate my chronic explosive diarhea from having my gall bladder out.. and it is NOT acceptable to me to be told "some people never adjust"... I NEED for this problem to be solved... because I will never be healthy, or happy, until it is. It cripples my life.. and I need to find a cure!  There's a good possibility we can find a bandaid that will work for the diarrhea, but what you're been told is correct.  Many people NEVER adjust to having had an essential organ removed...and while I'm sure you were not fully informed of the possible consequences, the fact remains that without a gallbladder to act as a receptacle & 'condenser' for bile, it will continue to drip out of your liver unnaturally 24 hours a day...causing diarrhea (unless, somehow, over the months/years your body acclimates to it).  Some people adjust, others never do.  'Tis not your fault you were 'duped' (like so many thousands of others yearly), but you're left to deal with the consequences :( :( :(   The 'natural bandaid' that's THE most likely to be effective?  Daily consumption of bentonite clay. 

So... :) that being said... I need some ideas of what to do going forward.

**oh, as an aside, I have two MAJOR trips coming up.. and I most likely will not be cleansing during them. particularily since I will be going through customs, and I don't want to run into any problems with transporting strange bags of powdered substances. :) I will be going to Canada and Alaska for 2 weeks at the end of August, and at the end of October, I will be in South Korea, and Vietnam... my BIGGEST fear, which is causing me to have panic attacks already, is this explosive diarhea.. I will often times be in situations where I will not have immeadiate access to bathrooms. (and NO! holding it 30 minutes till we get to our next stop isn't an option!!)I need to find someway to control this. I do have prescription meds that do help sporadically.. but I really don't want to take them, as I've been off all meds for several months now.. I want my body clean.. so, can someone give me an idea how to stop the D during these fabulous trips?**  Get started on the Bentonite and see how it does for you.  The other suggestions (Slippery Elm) are also very good - but Slippery Elm is not quite as powerful as Bentonite....but Bentonite can be constipating.  So I suggest you experiment with different blends/ratios of Slippery Elm bark powder & Bentonite clay.  (general: ) (specific study on bentonite & diarrhea: )   

Regarding other comments in the thread:  all dried grains contain enzyme inhibitors (that's what naturally keeps them from sprouting and growing) - and with our current 'lack of enzymes' (fluoride kills enzymes and most folks eat a substantial amount of enzymeless food on top of that), eating a food/grain that has enzyme INHIBITORS?  Well, yeppers, that's just asking for digestive difficulties.  So, the answer is to soak/sprout all grains before cooking or ingestion.  You don't have to soak/spout them long enough to make them start growing...just soak whatever grain you're wanting overnight in pure water (room temperature), then rinse the next day.  You can soak it for another night, or simply put what you've soaked in baggies in the freezer to use when ready.  That's what I do with rice all the time - there's always 4-6 baggies of 'sprouted rice' in the freezer, ready to cook whenever I want a bit for stir-fries, or rice n' beans.  And there's another benefit to doing this...rice soaked/sprouted becomes "GABA rice" (high in GABA) which helps our body to be calm & sleep soundly (amongst other things).  Beans/legumes/nuts should also be soaked before ingesting to 'bring back the life'.  You'll find that soaking beans overnight, rinsing & resoaking will remove virtually all the 'gas' AND cook much faster :)  At the place you are on your healing pathway, I suggest VERY LITTLE of the grains & legumes (just like Drs. Gerson/Schulze/Christopher)...because the fastest way to heal is to ingest as much 'pure gold nutrition' (that's easily processed) as possible.

SO (whew), continue with all the past recommendations for herbs, exercise, hydration, juicing & cleansing (EFT for getting closer to the coffee enemas, which will help you substantially).  Adjust your diet as much as possible daily to be 'optimal for healing'.  Be SURE to "drink your solids & chew your juices" and to get that daily cayenne, ACV and honey/molasses in you 3x daily.

Healthiest of blessings -





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