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real scared, please help by healthierboi ..... Kidney Stones Cleansing Forum

Date:   4/19/2005 7:44:32 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Last week i have been doing the Bowel Cleanse using Oxypowder . THen no last saturday, i noticed both my kidneys were hurting, not excruciating but hurting and sore. they are still hurting, albeit erratically not 24 round the clock. I have felt that sort of pain in my kidneys before, usually one at a time and it gets relieved after a bowel movement. so last saturday was a first for me.

since finishing my bowel clense, I am taking Julia chang kidney tea.

On sunday, while exercising, i had a real bad headache attck, it's like BOOM! like a lot of presuure to the bacl of my head and to the right as well. it comes and goes. only when i exercises does it is intense. otherwise, my head feels tight.

I am a BB ie i take a lot of protein.

what is happening??
1. the kidneys?? is it stones???

2. I just ordered andreas kidney tea. does that melt stones?? or is it just for cleansing? do i have to do Watermelon seeds as well?

3. i read in one of the posts, s/o has similar symptons and a chinese physician said that her kidneys are hard, and that her colon is holding water, which makes it hard for her to have bowle movements since her feces are so dry. could that be me as well?

4. what is causing the headcahe attacks??? parasites stirred up from the bowel cleanse?? i know i am due for Liver Flush as sometimes i feel tightness and pain in right rib.

this is a long post.. please tell me any thing you know please??? I'm only 25 and i'm really scared. My country's medical system isn't that great. i don't trust the docs much.

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