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Re: --answer--High Blood Pressure----- by Free2Day ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   8/16/2009 8:22:50 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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"If your urine is not clear, then you may need to drink more water and this may help your Kidneys and get rid of your High Salt index!"

eyeah.....that's my problem. I'm under fluid restriction of only 1100cc's per 24 hour period. (about 4 small cups of water with-in 24hrs)

I take a water pill in order to keep my lungs clear and my feet from swelling up. (Stage II Congested Heart Failure)

My heart isn't relaxing all the way in order to produce full contractions for sufficient volume that my kidneys can filter effectively....

My heart isn't beating correctly. I need some type of herb that will help rebuild my heart or help it recover from exhaustion.

The doc wants to place a synchronize/defibrillator pacer in my chest. I was for it until I learned that a hole will be punched through my heart and a wire fed through that hole in order to place the lead on the exterior muscle of my heart.

Well, a hole in my heart with a wire threaded through it?
NOPE!! I can just imagine when things wear down what would happen next. Can we say "crack in the wall of the dam?"

So I don't know what to do right now...

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