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Muscle Testing?! Oy!Re: 2/1 response for a "must read" for everybody by t_montreal ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   8/20/2009 10:34:31 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Thank you for posting this and addressing the muscle testing someone who has practically lived and died and spun crazily for 6 years trying to make it work for are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. It depends on the practitioner, the skill level, the right questions, the position of the moon and the stars...(I'm kidding on that last part, but who knows???)

I remember a friend of mine, who is VERY skilled in this art- muscle testing me for cheese- because cheese and dairy in general produce severe problems in me, and we could never get them to 'clear' for like more than 24 she 'fixed' the allergy using TBM/NH (which are two energy healing techniques) and then ASKED my body how much I could have in a day- cheese specifically.

The response? Like 10 pounds or something? I'm not even kidding. Even she was rolling her eyes, and testing and going, "I don't think you should have 10 pounds a day, but apparently your body can handle 10 pounds a day".

And I'm sitting there, constipated and confused, after 6 years of spending thousands upon thousands of dollars seeking this kind of energy work, eating massive amounts of protein that are causing me liver congestion and constipation, in severe gastric distress/panic/pain all the freaking time, thinking that it is all my fault, because I am not ALLOWING my body to process cheese for some god only knows what reason- and she's telling me that I can have my ten pounds of cheese.


I wish I could say that I dropped the idea of muscle testing then and there, but alas, I still use it for certain things, or the standing 'tilt' test, or the self 'o' test with my fingers...but it's nothing more than a temporary patch in my view.

I thoroughly agree that you can keep CLEARING AND CLEARING AND CLEARING allergies until you are blue in the face- because I have DONE it, a million times over, with apparently the BEST in the biz- but if your liver is compromised? It's ALL gonna come back. End of story.

It is SO frustrating, and heartbreaking to think that this whole roundabout was for nothing...but I truly believe that the only way out of this cycle is to cleanse properly, and restore one's organs to proper health. No ifs ands or buts.

(or cheese;)


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