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Re: Gibby- Cultures for the itching by jessesmom1987 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/15/2009 11:23:22 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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He can't be the only one in the US that does what he does for different types of biofeedback testing. The reason Newport knows what he knows to look for too, is because he does his own biofeedback testing- different kinds.
I know how much credit blackngold (cz veteran) gives to his two kinesiologists (muscle testing) for how he has been helped. There's different types of biofeedback. I have alot more faith in it than I do with trying to find out stuff through lab tests. And yet, they go together too. I already know that someone like Shroom that has a scientific mind, and wants evidence under his microscope, pooh poohs the biofeedback, and frequency stuff as being accurate or effective.

When I say to not just get focused on parasites like pinworm as being "the" problem, it is because of what I do know first hand that also goes with them. I wouldn't be telling you to look for other things, if I hadn't also learned myself that parasites are just one cause of stuff. The danger on getting focused on one thing exclusively as being "the" problem, is that the other things that are also a possiblity, are able to survive and multiply. What hits one thing, doesn't kill something else.

The other thing that has to be considered, are what else is being killed off that you may not want killed off? That is one of the definite benefits of killing stuff with the frequencies intended for specific pathogens. It doesn't also kill off the good bacterias and beneficial things too. Natural Antibiotics , like garlic and oregano oil- are still non-selective Antibiotics that also kill beneficial bacterias too. That's what I mean also, by aiming at one pathogen and unknowingly causing problems in another way with a different type of pathogen.

parasite killing herbs have killed aLOT of parasites for me, but I was also very loaded with them. It also took different types of herbs to hit different types of parasites. But, the clean up has also involved the viruses that also go with them too, and no amount of herbs for parasites, could also be dealing with the serious viruses, different types of Lyme coinfections, and bacterias that have also been found too. And not just with the biofeedback, but also confirmed with MD testing too. When Newport says the thymus is involved with pinworms, he knows what he's talking about. Time and again what he has told me to have checked has turned up exactly as he's told me. It just happened again yesterday--and my thymus is having major problems. The "cure" MD's would do for it, is remove it.

It would take two seconds for an applied kinesiologist to put their finger on your thymus, and muscle test you to see if it is a problem or not.

Stool tests, wouldn't show what could be going on with vaginal infections that are protozoan- including trichomomas and a whole host of other possibilites. It also names mycoplasma's as a possiblity with BV. Look up what mycoplasmas are.

A culture through the gyn would rule stuff out, and/or a dermatologist would also take skin scrapings to test too.


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