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how bad would this be? by willowwisp ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   9/28/2009 10:32:42 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Ok.. I'm desperate. I've posted numerous times about this chronic cough I have, and have been dealing with for months.. (since april)

It is 100% caused by post nasal drip. and I have tried cleaning up my diet... drinking tons of water.. avoiding mucus causing foods... I've done oregano oil (3 times the daily dose).. I've tried Iodine... I've tried ginger..(not to mention all the IF#1 and IF#2, and liver and kidney flushes.. AND third dose of Humaworm.. )

and.. it is NO better... and I really can't take it any more.

The amount of post nasal drip is filling my lungs with crud.. and I need to cough several times every minute.. which makes it near impossible to do my job.. (on the phone with clients all day long)...

So... this is what I need..
1. something natural that is incredibly powerful at drying up post nasal drip..
2. suggestions on how to safely take commercial decongestants, to help my body deal with them..

I know this isn't ideal.. but, it's either that, or I'm going to have to quit my job. My employer has questioned me numerous times as to why I am coming to work sick... and my co-workers are afraid that I am giving them something.. even though I am very careful to cover my mouth... and I clean my desk area, and wash hands frequently... My employer is requesting a doctors note.. well.. my doctor says decongestants... what can I do?!?

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