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Date:   10/4/2009 10:29:16 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Up until 2 weeks ago I was feeling terrible with a recurring abdominal pain issue that I've seen a list of doctors for over the years. No matter what test has been done, nothing has been figured out about the problem. I won't go into the details right now, but it has involved the inability to digest fats, inability to wear normal pants or anything else that even slightly constricts the waistline due to pressure on the abdomen and considerable pain resulting, digestive problems, 20 years of being chronically constipated, - then come the "attacks" when it all gets exponentially worse, especially the pain.

I went for 2 years without having an attack which coincided with avoiding all gluten, so naturally I thought I had this thing licked. But 5 months ago it started again with a new series of attacks (still no gluten).

Two weeks ago I did my first liver flush. Before the flush I was feeling so bad and in so much pain for days and days that it became impossible to work. But from the morning after the olive oil ordeal and onwards, I have felt happily human again. The exact number of stones emitted seemed unknowable but appeared to be at least 300 - and they were GREEN, YELLOW, and TAN. Three distinct colors. Still wondering if this means they are from three different places. If anyone has ideas on this, please let me know.

So last Friday-Saturday I did a second flush. Everything went "well" and productively - with plenty of stones until a point when it stopped cold. Only a few stones have emerged since that time (possibly ones that were stuck in intestinal folds).

Now I have a moderate pain in one specific, unmoving spot on the backside of my ribcage, just to the right of the spine. It's been there for 12-15 hours now and still no more stones. Another thing is that yesterday the squirt poop changed from water to strongly Yellow water with yellow residue/stuff in the water. What's all this yellow stuff about?

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to unstick a stuck stone? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!



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