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Eyewear Bonfire!!...Re: WOOHOO! & TRIPLE-YAY!!! Re: Yay For You....Re: Attn! Apothecary is out of Eyebright! :( :( :( by BundlesA1 ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   12/17/2009 10:34:48 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I can just see it folks... All of us gathered around a mess of reading glasses, arranging them artfully into a huge pyramid-shaped pile... Lighting the fire, spinning in circles, and doing the gratitude dance!....

Can you SEE it?!

--Bundles... running to grab the pair in my bathroom... and the pair in the other bathroom, and the pair in my purse, and oh yeahm the two in my crochet bag... and << pant pant >>  the computer pair, and the two extra... << pant pant >>. this is a good workout....



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