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Re: Help!!!! Please!!!!! by Anja ..... Surgery Support Forum

Date:   12/18/2009 6:38:53 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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A month ago I spent 5 days in the hospital for perforated appendicitis. Kept the appendix in, but they had to place a drain for a large abscess. Very painful. I was on LOTS of drugs including IV Antibiotics and then more Antibiotics for about a week at home. I was sure I'd be a huge mess afterwards, but once I started healing, it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Can you fast, or do a juice fast? I must admit I tried and failed that after I got home, but I ate VERY little, and very simple, clean foods in small amounts for the first couple weeks. Ate almost nothing in the hospital. I think giving my gut a rest was key, and I still need to do the juice fast because I have more cleansing and healing to do. I've been hanging out in the natural healing forum and I got some good advice there. Took large amount of ecchinecia and raw garlic for awhile, I think that helped in fighting residual infection and garlic I think is good for the immune system, also apparently contains something (inulin?) that is supposed to support healthy gut flora.

I have never done well with FOS, always gives me the worst gas. I still took some probiotics and kefir. I'm taking the Dr. Schulze bowel formulas right now, too, and I think the charcoal/bentonite mix in the #2 formula is helping. Stress and worry about my health and thinking the Antibiotics had really harmed me probably set me back more than anything. Actually, I don't know if it was the antibiotics, partial fasting or the natural stuff I took when I got home, but I think I had a bigger bacterial problem along with the yeast than I was really aware of, and I actually feel better now than before, so all in all, a horrible experience may have actually helped me.

I don't know how long since your surgery, but it was a good 3 weeks before my gut started to feel halfway normal, and I had a drain coming out of my lower abdomen for like a week after I got home. Give it some time if you're still relatively recently post-op, and maybe try asking over in the Natural Healing forum.

Oh, someone above mentioned digestive bitters - YES! I love those too, and very good for the liver, which is the organ that's filtering all those drugs.

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