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Re: The positive spin is up to you by wombat ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   12/28/2009 8:07:23 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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and me, and all of us that care.

DNA REPAIR. I recall reading that cat's claw(an herb) is implicated in DNA repair...


from "Minerals for the Genetic Code":

"Foods provide the necessary chemicals to fix broken chromosones in the human body. There are basically two kinds of breaks. There is the single-helix break(DNA being a double-helix molecule) and there is the double-helix break. If you break one leg, you can move along on a crutch or with a walker. Getting both legs broken is a bit like a double-helix break. There is research, and there is more research. The single food most capable of repairing DNA is the RED BEET. This food has the necessary raw material to repair chromosonal abnormalities once they've been discovered. It's up to the body to make the discovery. The decision is made at the cellular level. "Can we fix it?" becomes the question. Cellular activity shuts down until the challenge is answered. If a cell is too badly damaged to be repaired, the message goes forth: die! The technical name for programmed cell death is apoptosis.
The first point of retreat is selenium. If there isn't enough selenium, then you can't tell the cell to repair itself or die. If a broken cell continues to live and manages to cope with the induced error, then cancer is made. Thus, we are required to put beets and their by-products on a nutritional pedestal. BEETS ARE THE MOST POWERFUL MEDICINE IN THE PANTRY."

What else?


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