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Silverex Nano Silver spray? by eidos ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   1/2/2010 5:45:01 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I just got the product above for christmas...guess it's pay when people know you like "weird" stuff.

Anyway, i knew about collidal silver and have beck's zapper, but never used/made the silver. After getting the spray i did a little more research and this thing could be kinda usefull.

It's a little spray bottle (50ml) that has "silver foam" in it...just a marketing term for 99.99% pure silver made into a netting like looking mass. It's about half an inch thick and it fill the outer part of the spray-bottle. The water flows in there and inside the finely wowen silver netting. Basically they say with this technology you get 2800 times more surface exposure of silver to water.

This way, you actually use the spray untill the water completely dissolves the sliver on it's own. They claim 85-95% of the silver made will be ionic - nano silver. You pour water in the bottle (the guy i called in the firm that sells this in my country (i think it's maid in korea or something) said it doesn't have to be disstilled water...that unlike with current generated CS normal water is fine. In one hour (or 10 hours...time doesn't get you more silver) you'll get 200 ppb of silver. I have no idea how much silver is in the bottle, but at the moment it look a lot...probably because of the way it's wowen. Anyway, they claim it will all melt in about 18 month of daily use.

Shaking will apprently raise the silver content dramaticaly, but i didn't get sincle refrence of how much. It does make sense thou, but it'd be nice to get the numbers.

I had no real need of it so no way to test it. Decided to use on my face just for the hell of it, and while i always had a clear face it does seem a even more clear and soft now. BUt that could be only due to the face i have spreyed it heavily twice a day for a week, so maybe even regular water would have the same effect.

The company seems solid for what i've gathered, and they even make high end nano-silver sterilizers for medical equipment.

If anyone has heard about it or has some experience, please share a few words here.

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