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Re: Im Clean! by grand wazoo ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   11/30/2004 5:44:09 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I did The Clark Flush everytime. I never used apple juice or malic acid to shrink stones,so i guess there is always the chance that a large one is in there somewhere but not ready to come out.

I have not done a dental clean up yet because i dont have the money. Its high on my list since i have high lead and mercury levels. Im a carpenter and have been exposed to lead paint for a good twenty years. They teach classes on lead paint now and are very strict about lead paint clean up in public buildings. The problem is that any building built before 1978 ( i think ) has some lead paint in it.

I really dont feel that much different after this cleanse because i dont have everything else under control at the moment. Ive had a health problem that ive had since birth due to the RH factor. I never even knew what my real problem was until 7 years ago when a friend of a friend that owned a health food store helped me find out what my problem really was. She does all sorts of crazy stuff like muscle testing,i believe its called kinesiolgy,diet/life questioneers,etc..After some testing we both came to the conclusion it was a candida overgroth problem.

The best i ever did was with a MC, parasite cleanse,LF,diet,etc..but as i went back to my old ways it came back even worse. I realize now after 40 years that the only way to get healthy is to get the mecury out of my system and stay on a akaline base diet. I dont know if any of you know someone that has a severe problem with candida but i can tell you it is hell on earth. The toxins that are released from the dying candida are so unreal at times you would swear that your on drugs. Imagine living everyday feeling that you have the worse hangover of your life.


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