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Date:   1/26/2010 9:39:02 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hello, About 1.5 months ago I began to detect an odor coming from me that I thought was a fecal odor. I also heard people talking and making comments or so I thought. I read a lot of messages on this site and others for the last month and a half. My doctor ran some tests and did not find anything and wanted to begin therapy. The results of one last test were to arrive and that was a nose swab to detect if there was any bacteria growing in my nose. I couldn't wait and continued searching and came across a comment about putting some hydrogen peroxide on my baby finger and rubbing inside my nose which I did. The next day at work I could not detect any odor at all. I was so happy. Later that day the doctor called and confirmed that I had staph A growing in my nose and I got a prescription for Mupirocin. This is day two now and no smell what so ever. I am so pleased.
The doc said that staph a may change my perception of smells. I'm not sure if that's the case or if there was a smell coming from my nose. One other thing that I also started doing was applying a powder to my behind. All I had was an athletes foot powder so that's what I used. I figured if feet can get bacteria and smell so can other areas of the body. Note sure if the staph A was the problem or the bacteria on my behind but it is gone. In the last month I have not gone two days straight without a smell. I wanted to run and hide. Worked from home 2-3 days too. I thought for sure that others were making comments about me and the smell but it appears maybe not. It's hard to imagine that I twisted those conversations in my mind. I have learned a lot, done a wildrose cleanse, threelac, grapefruit seed extract, proboitics, lemons etc. I am cured!!
I really hope everyone finds their cure as it is a really difficult issue to deal with. It is really heartbreaking to read some of the stories and it helped a lot to know I was not the only one to have this issue. If I one day come upon someone in this situation I will make that person my new best friend because support and acceptance is so important.
Not sure if this will help anyone but if it helps even one person, it would make me happy.
take care,


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