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Re: Update on the condition of my lips by 00733 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   2/9/2010 10:48:17 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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can reactions really manifest in flaking so soon? ie is there a given possibility that something triggered this before and unrelated to the preperation of the veggies? Did you hug your friend on meeting,give each other a peck on the cheek? Does your friend lavish perfumes lotions and potions on herself that you may have inadvertently picked up? By the way it didn't occur to me to google peeling lips...and i'm glad i did today

firstly i'm a female and 40..and up till summer 2009 have been healthy and allergic free... it began with a localised small rash in the left crook of my arm and two pulse points of my neck where i had religiously dabbed perfumed oil for a month or so, but which i "may not" have diluted properly? so stopped. However the rashes have reoccured twice since then and i can't find rhyme or reason especially as it's accompanied by this lip thing..which began on a mediation retreat where all medicines had to be checked out with the teacher..i didn't consider t-tree oil from boots as medicine and boy did i whole face after its application at proper dilution peeled and the upper triangular section under the nose and including upper lip left me wanting to purchase a burka!!! I looked like a family member to bart simpson... very know how in reflexology and acupuncture places relate to other areas of the what of the upper lip and that triangular section under the nose? Does it correspond to personality types or some chakra or summut? Anyone alternative, open minded, and exploratative here who can help us out with this quest? In the meantime a burka fashioned from one of my own table cloths seems like the only answer! keep smiling everyone even if its on the inside..ouch! good luck to all.. air kissing you goodbye!

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