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Re: Candida: Got sick and tired of it, decided to nuke it all-out with meds for a month (ketaconazole tabs + nystatin tabs + natamycin tabs + terbinafine tabs) and weather the sidefx. Curious about what I'm feeling though. by chamele0n ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/11/2010 7:32:41 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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If you are in Russia you could probably check out this article if you speak Russian or you could have it translated with google translate.

It is a research article by Moscow gastroenterologists that talks about diagnosis and treatment of intestinal Candida. It basically tells that's important to identify the strain of Candida you have and presents some tests that could be used. I understand some labs offer DNA testing to identify the precise species you have. You can then find out what medications that strain is resistant to. I think that's important.

You think your regimen is hardcore but I think the most hardcore regimen as that article mentions is probably IV fluconazole, taking pills probably won't cut it. It must come with something local-acting like nystatin that will clean out the intestine while the systemic one that must go as deed as the nervous system to clean out the candida does its part.

It's BS, people saying that Candida is a normal part of a human body. When I got mine sexually (I think 2 different strains) it tore me up within a couple of weeks. I KNOW for a fact it was not in my system before. There is no way I had that in my system. The types of yeasts that we get from foods are a totally different thing. The types you have to worry about the most are what you can get from other people.

So the article is here

and that center is in Moscow. I think this is their website

You can actually go there and get treated by the authors of this article it looks like.

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