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Re: Bladder Infection by Frank the Tank ..... Dr. Bob Beck Forum

Date:   2/25/2010 12:00:24 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Is ionic silver the same thing as Colloidal Silver ? If yes, I could make myself some but I heard that Colloidal Silver can kill off some of the good pro-biotic bacteria so I have been hesitant to use that.

I'm a layman and in no way an expert so here is my best shot:
In layman's terms the best way to describe Ionic and Colloidal Silver is Ionic Silver is smaller in particle size than Colloidal Silver. There is a lot more to it but in essence this is what the difference is. You can make Ionic Silver at home. If you are ready to cough up the big cash you can purchase specialized equipment to make your own Colloidal Silver or spend your life savings for ounces of Colloidal Silver from Manufactures.

Lots of debate going on as to which is better. Of course the Manufactures always claim their higher performance Colloidal Silver works best. Hmmm... You think they have monetary gain in this?

From my studies I determined I prefer a small particle size of Silver because it is able to penetrate better through the body and attack intruders.
The Ionic Silver I make at home is between 3 to 5 parts per million.

I was also concerned about killing off good bacteria when I started the Beck Protocol so I made sure I ate natural yogurt which contains pro-biotic bacteria 2 or 3 times a week to keep my good bacteria up to speed. Turns out it doesn't make any difference if I eat yogurt or not.

What about taking oil of oregano? Any thoughts on this? Does it also kill good bacteria?

I don't know. Seems everything I eat at restaurants has oregano in it and a ton of other seasonings and I don't have any negative side effects. Why add it to your supplements? Just more money down the drain.

I did not use the Silver Pulsor today as I do not want to overburden my body with too much die-off.

If you use the Silver Pulser for 20 minutes a day and build up slowly you should be fine.

I am also using the QRS (Quantron Resonance System) which is a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) device which is definitely helping. And I have a Delwa-Star Thermo Therapy unit which entails inserting a probe which heats up to 47 degrees Celcius causing the body's temperature to elevate slightly thereby increasing circulation and triggering an immune response.

Wow! Did you rent or purchase the QRS? Either way, can I have a date? You have good cash flow! LOL!
Instead of using the Delwa_Star unit how about just going to the gym and using the cross trainer or walking or sitting in the sauna? How about Yoga? I guarantee it will elevate your temperature.

I am feeling a little better today so something must be working. Wish my local health food store had some Kombucha or some other effective probiotic drink.

What's wrong with natural yogurt?

In Conclusion:
Glad you are feeling better. All my answers are honest to the best extent of my experiences but I do tease from time to time so don't take anything I say in a bad way.

Good luck!



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