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Re: thanks! Re: TESTIMONIAL Re: The Circulation and Movement Program from There Are No Incurable Diseases book 1999, by Dr. Richard Schulze by water01 ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   2/27/2010 4:44:23 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Can you come to my state and do the massage on me? LOL. Just joking but I looked for Pfrimmer and Kapsos and there are 0 in my entire state:(  I don't know what state you are located, but it would be possible if you are not too far away!  PM me with your area.  I did locate a Kaspos trained deep muscle therapist in New York for another posted.  This therapist may be able to point you to someone in your area.  Here is the link to that post:

Family helping isn’t an option. I have asked a couple of friends but it lasts for about 15 min before they’ve had enough. I’ll keep working on it myself though. The info you presented makes so much sense. “muscles as hard as bone” – yes that is exactly how mine are too!  Muscles that are hard as bone are not working and have little if any blood/lymph flow.  They are BLOCKED and as Dr. Schulze says, anywhere there is blockage, your body can not repair and heal. There actually has been some relief since changing my diet and doing some cleansing. But I do believe that a lot more toxins and whatever are built up in these muscles and they need to be worked as you described. I can reach most areas but how do you work the mid back area? I’ve noticed some sore spots in that region and as you’ve said, other surrounding areas can also affect things. Yes, the mid back area will affect the neck and shoulders.  How to reach this area yourself... hmm?  I would say the best way would be to get a Thumper or other "quality" massager.  They are not the same as hands on deep muscle work, but if you use it often it will do more than doing nothing.. :o)  Link to the Thumper website:  I’m also limited since I don’t have the mobility in my right arm due to the shoulder problem. Maybe I can lay on something for the areas I can’t reach – but that is not working across the muscle though.  You can work across the muscles with a Thumper and also use it to concentrate on a small area, such as I described for doing a pressure point and small circles. 

I’ve watched many of the Schulze videos online but I did not see any of him demonstrating massage. I’ll have to look again.  Dr. Schulze demonstrates and talks about massage, bodywork and reflexology on his SYL video, volume 9, sections 55, 56, and 57.  I don't think you will find this online.  I know Uny has this collection available.  No shower but I try to do a modified hot/cold in the tub. Hot bath, let the cold water trickle and use a cup to dump it on me. I’ve tried castor oil packs but not daily. The deep tissue repair oil has helped too. Very hot. The first time I used it, my neck and shoulders got very hot and the rest of my body became extremely cold!! I think the circulation was going to the needed area:)  It also lasts a long time so I’d recommend it to anyone. (But I wouldn’t use it after a hot bath again – did that once and for me – that was just too intense lol).  LOL... intense for sure.  I would say to use this oil while doing your massage and do the hot and cold away from using the Deep Tissue Repair Oil.

I am so proud of you for doing what you are.  I know how difficult it is to not have support or someone around you that will HELP.  When I found this 'help' and went to my chiropractor with the information and he saw the changes in my body and health, he said, "We will go together and take Marge Kapsos's course.  She is doing what needs to be done and I can not do."  A very special man.  He did not worry about his professional training, one that at that time did not understand or encourage things like massage.  He saw that this woman had 'healed me in 3 hours', something that he had worked to achieve for many years.  He did not know how to heal my muscles.  He had an open mind and always looked for new answers and missing pieces to the puzzle of healing the body.  By the way, this man was top of his class in medical school and a few short weeks away from graduation when he walked away and became a chiroprator.  He realized that medicine was not the way.  

Again, thank you very very much!!:)  You are most welcome.  Please let me know if I can in anyway support you in getting your muscles working and healthy.  I was 'given' a healing and will always be grateful.  I need to pass on my blessings by helping others that have muscles like BONES and live in constant pain.





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