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Re: Terrible Case by curemenuh ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/10/2010 8:15:04 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Nobody recommended the pastic surgery, I got the idea myself because nothing I tried chemically worked at that time, and I didnt want to waste my whole life with this stupid problem. So I thought why dont I just get a doctor to cut off the part of my lip that kept peeling off and be done with it.

I dont have any raw skin or peeling anymore because the raw skin was under the part that always kept peeling off, and the doctor removed all that skin.

The skin on my lips look perfectly fine, no swelling, no inflamation, no redness, no nothing, except for this insane stickyness. There is no pain, but they feel yucky and mushy and weird all the time, even though you cant see anything wrong visually.

Actually one thing that works a little is if I try to make the skin on my lips tougher by placing my finger horizontally between them. That way my lips are in contact with my finger instead of contacting each other. Since the skin on my finger is much tougher than the skin on my lips, the skin on my lips ends up getting tougher too since they are contacting something hard. Just like your feet gets tougher from being in a shoe all day. This seems to reduce the stickness and my lips, help them not have that sickening disgusting soggy mushy nasty feeling, instead they start feeling like real lips for a while since the lip skin is getting tougher it seems.

Yes I think you are correct about the cell turnover, because it seems the skin itself on my lips are very thin, so they get soggy and mushy easily, and sticky also. Thats probaly why the finger technique works a little, if I could just get some additional layers of cells on there I think I would be ok. I would be so happy, oh God!

No, I have never tried vegetable glycerine, unless that was an ingredient in lip balm that I already tried that didnt work.

I will certainly try the liquid Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, thanks for that.

This lip thing is such a nightmare, I wouldnt give this problem to my worst enemy. I probably lost 3/4 of my life because of this thing! imagine a little thing like your lips can have such a enormous impact on your life.

If I ever get past this, I would be running in the streets nakked yelling and screeming at the top of my voice with amrs waving madly with euphoria!! You got no idea.


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