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Not too much!! Thinks, thoughts, info & suggestions...Re: Doing too much ?? Long.. by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   4/15/2010 5:26:26 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi, Greetings marillon (I love your ID, it reminds me of "carillon"...and I LOVE carillons :)

Before I go any further, let me share a bit of information.  I have studied the works of Dr. Schulze and Dr. Christopher (and other great healers) for a long mother-in-law cured herself of Stage IV terminal liver cancer via the works of Dr. William Donald Kelley and Dr. Max Gerson).  Both Gerson & Kelley used similar therapies as Schulze and Christopher (by the way, by the way, Dr. Christopher was one of Dr. Schulzes teachers) but they used some isolated substances that aren't truly natural, and around here we prefer to get all our nutrients from natural foods, not the vitamins & minerals that are isolated away from their zillions of other natural chemicals (because those aren't natural at all, and they do have the potential to cause harm in some way or another).  Here's some information on that to start your learning & reading:

Isolated/Standardized Extracts of plants & herbs
Natural UNNaturall Mineral and Vitamin Supplements
Yes, even something as "innocent" as Vitamin C can cause our body to be thrown off balance enough that it's natural healing schematics are compromised: Unknown Dangers of Vitamin C
This article is long, but it has a LOT of good information you're going to want to know as you learn to be your own doctor: Ascorbic Acid Is Not Vitamin C - Whole Food Vitamins vs Synthetic

What I've done is combine the methodologies of the three most successful natural healers of the last century, and we do as best we can to stick to their work, because between the three of them, they were able to cure every "incurable" disease there is (that I have found).  And they did that by doing everything they could to naturally support, cleanse, restore & heal the body, without doing anything to unnaturally compromise it.  They believed (and proved) that our 'doctor within' IS the smartest and most intelligent doctor in the world, and that our bodies are programmed to live & heal...all we have to do is give them the support they need.  Of course, sometimes this means our body doesn't heal "in the order" we want it to - but it WILL heal if we remove all the obstacles.   Many times this involves far more "effort" on our part than any other kind of "doctoring", and because our planet is SO much more toxic and full of poisonous chemicals, many times we must do even more than what the good doctors recommended 20-70 years ago.  In fact, the three 'magic words' of natural healing are: enough; enough; enough.

Are the herbs and healing products strong & pure enoug

Are we taking enough?

And are we doing enough of the supporting protocols to assist the herbs & our body to heal?

If we do "enough" our body WILL respond by healing itself :)

So, here we go (pull up a comfortable chair and nice pot of herbal tea, you'll be here awhile :::grin:::).  I'll be making comments and giving 'reading assignments' throughout your post, and then I'll make some recommendations at the end. 
Always remember, the reason I do what I do (have this forum and Apothecary) is because my husband and I want to 'change the world one person at a time' by helping everyone that comes here to learn to be their own doctor and take responsibility for their own health.  What this means is that I do NOT want to be yours (or anyone else) doctor!  I want to share as much as I can share, and help teach you to be your own.  I realize everyone needs to start healing, so I will make some initial suggestions, but I do expect that you read & learn so that YOU can decide & choose what's best for your body.  


Oh yes, one more "preface"...I realize this is a LOT of information (and I certainly don't expect you to read & assimilate it all 'quickly'); I also realize that my product suggestions might be overwhelming (or too expensive).  But it's MY job to tell you everything I can think of and do my best to help you. It's YOUR job to figure out how to best prioritize your body's needs with your time & finances   And since you've already mentioned being concerned about doing "too much", that's a great place to start! 

What IS "too much"? - Just like an auto runs most smoothly when ALL it's parts are working at the same time, the human body heals itself most quickly when every system of the body is not compromised.  Since every organ & system of the body is TOTALLY DEPENDENT on the others, when one is not working smoothly, the others have to pick up the extra work.  And when they're picking up a lot of extra work, there's no time & energy to keep you healthy OR have much energy to spend healing you...they're busy doing what they know they have to be doing to keep you alive.  So, even though it's not a very regognized truth, the fact is that doing just one cleanse or one 'small step' at a time can  actually work against us.  From here: 'Separate Cleanses', Enemas, P&B, colon Q&A (buried post)

Think of it like restoring an automobile that's been driven hard & fast for 30 years without much (any!) regular maintenance...and really (REALLY!) cheap fuel - many times 'fuel' that was definitely not even designed for the car!   The exhaust is clogged, the fuel lines are filthy, the oil/filter needs changed (desperately), the carburetor needs calibrated and cleaned, sparks & plugs changed & gapped, alternator fixed/adjusted; transmission rebuilt (or at least overhauled);  suspension aligned; new tires needed, brake pads replaced., etc.  If you cleanse the exhaust & fuel lines (similar to the colon & parasite) before cleansing the oil/filter and carb (liver & parasites), you end up filthy fuel lines and clogged exhaust before you ever get the carb/oil/filter work.  But if you do the oil/filter/carb before you cleanse the fuel lines and get the gunk out of the exhaust and deal the points & plugs, the plugs'll be corroded again before you know it.  New tires & brake pads before an alignment? A waste of new tires/brake pads.  If the alternater is 'shorting or weak' that stresses all the system parts....the electrical flow through the engine is no different than the electrical flow through the body.   Change to high-grade fuel before cleansing and restoring the damage from the cheap fuel?  :::sigh::: That can end up being a waste of fuel (too rich for the compromised system to handle).   The human body is no different.  It's always much more effective to 'put it up on blocks' and do a full body cleanse/restore, than it is to do it one at a time.  Yep, it's more work, but it's FAR more effective (and you'll get MUCH more life out of the car by doing it that way).  Remember: in this toxic/poisoned world, our bodies are like high-performance automobiles CONSTANTLY in overdrive (generally running on VERY low grade fuel with extremely little maintenance).  There's no truly safe/healthy protocol (maintenance) we can do, that's as extreme as the totally unnatural conditions we live in.  And it's only MDs and "alternative practicioners" that believe we can deal with one system of the body at a time.  EVERY system/organ in the body depends upon every other.   (Perhaps those analogies weren't "mechanically/technically perfect", but I'm sure you get the idea).   In one of Dr. Schulzes interviews he talks about how many people say: "Well I did a colon cleanse; I did several liver flushes already; yeah, I juice fasted a few years ago; yes! I did hot/cold showers; I tried the vegan thing; I took herbs...none of it worked!"  And Dr. Schulze replies, "But did you ever do everything TOGETHER?".

But, we do have to use our common sense and logic when cleansing, detoxifying and restoring our body!  As each system/organ is being cleansed and restored, a LOT of 'sludge' is being stirred up (and the build-up of old, condensed toxins can be released into the bloodstream), which would ADD burden to already compromised and overworked body.  So we want to do our best to support our body through this (particularly the detoxing).  Dr. Gerson had each patient doing several Coffee Enemas daily (commonly abbreviated: CE), which cleanses the liver and enhances peristalsis, but also (for the time the solution is retained) causes the liver to be able to cleanse a VAST amount of toxins & free radicals from the bloodstream.  Dr. Schulze had every patient taking IF#2 (IF#1 if needed), the IF#2 contains both bentonite & charcoal which pull toxins to themselves (adsorption) out of the bloodstream, to be safely flushed away (rather than burdening the organs of detoxification).  Many choose to add additional bentonite/charcoal to each of their doses of IF#2 for this purpose.  So that's two of the ways we support the body while doing our 'overhaul.  Another is by ensuring that our body is getting PLENTY of high-grade fuel!
No engine can run properly (or at all) without the fuel it's designed to need...and it's virtually impossible to get the quality & amount of 'fuel' our body's are designed to have on even the best of diets.  SO, we add Superfood (2-6T daily...2-4T for 'daily living' and 4-6T for cleansing & healing).  And juicing and juice-fasting!  
JUICE-FASTING: The POWERFUL healing therapy!
How to make it easier?!  Juicing in canning jars...

3-4 weeks ago after having had massive constipation and not wanting to go on something chemical I stumbled on the intestinal formulas of Dr. Schultz e.  That was a great "stumble" you had there!  And it's likely that you've been technically "constipated" for a very long time.  Constipation = not having a normal bowel movement 20-30 minutes after every time you eat (which means 3-5 bms daily, as many people/animals have a bm upon waking and one before going to sleep, whether they've eaten or not).  Now, some people have too many bowel movements, and many times that's actually because of "constipation" too (it happens because they're so plugged up & congested, that a normal size bowel movement can't get through, so they have lots of little ones, or diarrhea...that's the way I used to be, which can actually be one kind of "IBS")...and sometimes there are infections, irritations, parasites, bad/clogging diet, dehydration, and lack of bile flow from the liver. 
The bile that comes from our liver is our bodies natural IF#1.  Bile is what causes peristalsis (the muscular squeezing action of the intestines).  So, if one has a clogged/congested liver and very little bile flow, they could  do a million different things and still be constipated or compromised...until they cleanse and heal their liver.  (Yep, all the parts DO work together!)


 I started to read and read and read everything I could find. Okay, now I'm sure I love you already! :::grin:::


For some reason I feel pretty draw to his ideas.  I think that's because his "ideas" are very valid, and he/they makes sense, AND he makes it so we can understand and feel confident to start healing & treating ourselves.  And likely because you're very smart yourself :)


So I ordered Intestinal formula 1 and 2. I got instant result. In one day I was regular!!!  That's GREAT!  (I bet you had to pay a 'boatload' for shipping from Schulze!  Unless he's changed, when he ships out of the country, he only ships "express" --the most expensive option available-- grrrrr)
From going from 1 in 3 weeks to every day... I did never get more than 1 BM but decided this must be normal for me. I don't think I eat enough to have 3 BM a day. So I started on number 2. Worked super.  That's wonderful that you're having 1 bm a day, but it's not "normal" for any of us....whether we eat "big" or "small".  Here's two more links for reading/learning (the last is pretty long, but very important, too):

Dr Schulze 2001 Bowel Newsletter
Journey to the Center of your Colon
I saw suspicious things in my stool. Yes indeedy, we've all seen some very suspicious things!  Always feel free to share whenever & whatever you want to share.  Seeing parasites come out of us can be VERY upsetting, and many of us have 'been there done that; we'll be glad to offer support in whatever way we can!

In the meantime I got a hand on a lot of his old tapes and enjoyed watching it. Still working my way through them.Super!  Which ones did you find?

I was already juicing daily. APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!  What kind of juicer do you have?  Any juicer is better than no juicer, but a good juicer makes a HUGE difference (and it's the best 'healing tool' you'll ever have!). 

There's 2 new juicers on the market now (the Omega Vrt and the Huron...those aren't mentioned in the link above)

My normal breakfast was already some mixed fruits and veggies in my juicer. My lunch is very small and so is my dinner. So I figured 1 BM is normal for me.  I totally understand why that seems logical, but one meal/one snack should = one poop.  Size isn't the issue when all the equipment is working correctly.   Frustratingly, we've all been compromised for SO long, this is something that can take quite awhile to restore and heal to the point we're having truly normal bowel activity.  But you've done GREAT so far doing what you've done.  Progress is a process...just stay on course and you'll get there, for sure!

After I saw suspicious things I decided I must have parasites. My boyfriend has been having very bad intestinal problems for the last two years. After test and everything he has been diagnosed with IBS. After reading about parasites I got suspicious and started thinking maybe he has parasites. Over the last two years we have tried many different diets and approaches for him. Some helped him and others not. But he is never 100% cured.  There are MANY things that cause an "official" diagnoses of of the most common is a major build-up of putrefying fecal matter...which is of course, the main feeding, hiding and breeding grounds of parasites.  It is SO easy for any type of 'infection' or 'irritation' to grow & become problematic underneath that build-up.  And the IF#2 will be very beneficial for him in that regard.  There may (of course) be other issues, like food intolerances, etc...but either way, getting the gunk out is the first priority.  (Also, you might want to consider adding, say 1/2 teaspoon or so, of Slippery Elm Bark powder to each dose of IF#2 - this is THE most soothing & healing herb in the herbal will assist the body to regrow skin on a decubitus ulcer/bedsore!)  And it's also beneficial for removing parasites :)
SLIPPERY ELM GRUEL By Dr. Richard Schulze
Slippery elm, Ulmus rubra, Ulmus fulva, Slippery elm lozenges article and photos by Steven Foster

So after my Suspicious BM we started on Walnut, Wormwood and Albest. I'm good with the Walnut and Wormwood...but can't say that I'd ever ingest the Albest (it took me a LONG time to find that...apparently it's not sold here under the name 'Albest'?).  Anyway, it appears that Albest is a pharmaceutical anti-parasite drug with the generic name of albendazole.  Here's a google search on that plus "side effects" OR "adverse" OR "contraindication". It's looking like there's a LOT of liver issues and spontaneous abortions/stillbirths when taking this, and that it's VERY compromising to the body .  Here's a site that has actual reports of adverse reactions: I'm seeing one death from this:  Pancytopenia (decreased platelet, white cell and red blood count) caused by this drug...and reports/warnings that it causes abnormal bleeding. So how does the timing of taking this correspond to your heavy menstrual bleeding/clotting? Is there any possibility you were pregnant?
Also we juiced a lot. I think like 90 Perc of our meals were juices.FANTASTIC!  You're body loved you for that!  I even tried to juice garlic..(bad idea)  I know what you mean!  But you can sneak a clove or two into some juice-combos and have it turn out me, it's good with tomato juice (with a few other veggies & some basil thrown in).

I started to bleed menstrual heavely. I was losing also huge amounts of bloodclots. IT was extremely bad. I did not understand this at all. I was getting so weak I thought this must be effect of the killing of parasites or some massive allergic reaction.   Sounds to me like it might have been an adverse effect of the Albest....unusual weakness/tiredness is also a common reaction.  It's very uncommon that typical herbal parasite cleansing would cause anything like you've reported  So I stopped the parasite tinctures. Good idea - that's what I would have done, too...I hope that means you stopped the Albest, too.   But as the bleeding was so bad I went to see my doctor. He gave me internal examination and said that I had or a myoma or a tumor. I had to go see and get an internal echo and maybe a hysterectomy he said! I was amazed. I said excuse me but 4 months ago I had a checkup and I was told nothing was wrong. So this is a bit strange. I don't know what terminology is used in Holland, but here a myoma is known as (very common/typical benign 'fibroid tumor' (
myomas - Benign growths or tumors of the uterus that often appear during childbearing years. Also known as uterine fibroids.)  They are VERY common, and of course if they're extremely large, most doctors recommended cutting out your uterus...but your body can (fairly easily) dissolve themIt would be extremely unusual for you to have a 'clean checkup' 4 months ago and develop a fibroid so big that you'd need a fact, I don't believe anyone EVER needs to have a body part carved out to heal their body.  A mass/tumor is a symptom of something else being wrong...if you correct what is wrong, the symptom WILL go away!   Besides, it's seems to me (after spending some time checking out the Albest), that it's very capable of making major changes within the uterine tissue and the way the uterus works.  So anything strong enough to do that, might be capable of causing a swelling that a doctor could interpret as a tumor/myoma during a typical office exam (?).
The first thing we always do for any 'female issues' (particularly fibroids/myomas) is something you've already started alread...complete & thorough colon cleansing!  WHY?  The colon wraps directly around the uterus and ovaries, and if it's swollen & engorged (which everyone's is, that hasn't cleansed), then the uterus & ovaries are "squished" (and tumors & cysts of various types are very likely to form where there's a lack of blood/oxygen circulation).  This past post of mine explains it better (and tells what I went through with my 'female issues': + Female issue & colon --Re: unyquity, juicing
Dr. Schulzes Female Formula is fantastic...but I don't want people buying or using what they don't need.  It seems very possible that the Albest was completely or partially to blame, as well as the recent severe constipation.  BUT, I don't know if you're taking birth control pills, have an IUD, or have other hormone issues.  If you know you have hormone issues, then I recommend the Female Formula highly...and maybe it would be good to use it until you can get a thorough colon cleanse completed (which is 30 days at the minimum).  The fact is, that until you complete a really deep cleanse you don't really know if you have hormone issues, or if you have "quished" issues :)
Remember that "80% of his patients" were not "incurable"
and were not coming in for anything but minor issues.  It wasn't until the last
few years of his clinic that he specialized in "incurables"...still the bowel cleansing-
female issues thing is VERY true.
He gave me a bunch of pills to take to stop the menstruation immediately. I never took them. I did not believe him at all. GOOD FOR YOU!!!  And good for you (+++) for questioning your doctor on something that made no sense to you!!  
I had also ordered the Super food from Dr. Schultze (as I am in the Netherlands this is very hard to get for me all his stuff and expensive). I started to take this every morning in my juices to combat the blood loss. After a few days the bleeding stopped. No more bleedings. I had my iron levels checked and the doctor was amazed it was still so very good. So the super food and juices definitely are working.  Yes indeed!  The juices & Superfood are the fastest and most effective way I know of to get vital nutrition into your bloodstream!!  I don't know if the bleeding stopped because of those things or not.  If it was caused by the Albest, and then you stopped it, the bleeding might have stopped (and your blood levels normalized), because you stopped it.  From the above information we learned that the Albest serious affects white & red blood cells counts and platelets (and low platelets can cause hemorhaging & bleeding).

Then 2 days ago I decided that all of this must have been a massive die off and toxins in my system and this doctor has really no clue. Lol, most doctors don't have many clues...they're mostly trained to know how to prescribe drugs for the symptoms they see, and to know how to carve out organs when the drugs don't work (and prescribe more drugs to counteract the side-effects of the first drugs they prescribe).  There's really no "drug" that actually heals the body - they just cover up symptoms :(
I started again with the parasite tincture taking Intestinal formula 1 and 2 (I had 2 huge pots imported). I also started to have coconut oil with my herbal tea in the evening. Also I have been cooking with cayenne pepper. My boyfriend now is starting to see strange things too in his BM. I am still feeling very tired but at least no more bleedings.  If you're considering the Albest/Albendazole to be a "parasite tincture" and you've restarted it, I highly recommend you stop taking it (both of you).  There are much safer ways to kill parasites that to take drugs that have horrible side-effects.  That's fantastic about the cayenne, but you likely need more (and "more hotter" than what you're using).  Check your CZ inbox for some very good files/information regarding cayenne.    Dr. Christopher had everyone taking 1 teaspoon of ultra-hot cayenne 3x daily as part of his regular diet (you have to gradually work up to that amount, but even half that much is truly amazing for many things!)
Regarding parasite doesn't take much searching on CZ to realize that 100s/1000s of people spend months/years doing various protocols and still end up not wiping them out.  This is mostly because they don't get the parasite herbs into the main feeding, breeding and hiding places...and that's DEEP within the layers of junk and diverticuli in the lower colon.  And without ensuring several bowel movements daily, any new eggs aren't flushed how (they have plenty of time to embed into the mucoid plaque and start developing.  Then there's the issue with tinctures...yes, they do get into the bloodstream immediately, BUT what about the critters that are buried in the inside of the colon in the mucoid plaque.  The blood that runs through the actual tissue of the colon that has the parasite herbs in it will kill the parasites it comes into contact with...but that doesn't affect the ones it doesn't touch, This is the parasite regime I recommend:

Here are the instructions for utilizing Unyworm effectively:

You will be taking the IF#2 five times daily.  You will be wanting to take (maximum strength) 1 teaspoon of the ground/dry herbs 3x daily.  So in 3 of the 5 doses of IF#2 (the deep colon cleanser), you would add up to 1 teaspoon of the ground/dry herbs.  That's how you use the dry/ground herbs.  This will ensure the parasite herbs are getting as deep into the lining of the colon as possible.

For the Unyworm liquid, in order it to be MOST effective, it needs to have your own Cayenne powder and fresh/raw garlic and raw/organic apple cider vinegar added (ACV = apple cider vinegar).  We call this the "Apple Cider Vinegar Bomb".   You'll be doing this 3x daily.  To make the "ACV Bomb":

1 tablespoon of raw organic ACV; 1 tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses (or raw local honey); one dose of cayenne top-grade therapeutic cayenne powder (the goal is one teaspoon, but you'll start at 1/8 teaspoon per dose and work up from there); 1-2 cloves of raw garlic (minced), and one teaspoon of Unyworm liquid.  Do this three times daily (on an empty stomach before meals is most effective).  By the way, Dr. Christopher's standard/healthy daily diet includes all of the above without the parasite herbs - so this is something we ALL should be doing daily anyway (ACV, cayenne, garlic, blackstrap/honey).

Yes, there ARE easier "parasite programs", but it's HIGHLY doubtable that any could ever be as effective as this!


I intend to continue this and drink more juices. "more juices" is ALWAYS a winner!
Finish the parasite killing and keep on the intestinal formulas till we finished these 2 huge jars. Hmmm, I'm afraid I don't what "2 huge jars" actually means, as Dr. Schulze only sells his IF#2 in 8 oz jars (enough for 5 days).  Also, it's highly unlikely you could actually "finish" killing parasites in only a few could finish whatever short protocol you started, but generally people have to do at least a 'couple-three' months to eradicate the wee-beasties.
Then I thought to start with liver flushes and try to clean my diet as much as possible.You can start prepping your liver for liver flushing ANYtime, and you can start doing liver flushes anytime you can ensure you're going to have at least 3bms the day after a flush...the best, most effective/healthy and complete way to ensure all debris is removed from the intestines the day after a liver flush is by doing 2 coffee enemas.  CE's are definitely unmatchable for benefits while healing & cleansing.
Big liver flush every two weeks, no prepping...OR +edit

I tried to do a juice fast many times in the past but I don't have the will power. Willpower is simply a matter of getting over the "won't power" :) ...and really knowing the major benefits.   I know you can do it!!   So I am trying to work my way to there and think that every little thing helps. Yes, every little thing DOES help, and here's another big help from Yoda (Star Wars)   (I sure hope that didn't play when you clicked on the post at the beginning).  

Next week I have an appointment in the hospital were I expect to be told that they cant find anything at all and if they do I just have to work harder at healing myself. After seeing many bad diagnoses over the years with myself and family I lost my belief in regular medicine.  Like we all know (or are learning quickly), typical modern medicine is not about healing, it's about band-aiding symptoms with drugs/chemicals, carving out body parts and making LOTS of money ...and many doctors have no IDEA they're doing it :(  Almost all tests have some risk of harm...the biggest risk is that it will end up causing fear (because the doctor thinks you "have to" do what he says or you'll get worse or die - because he doesn't know you can heal your body, or how to do it).  This is a long one, but be SURE to read it when you get the chance - it's a real eye-opener! 
Please read! Understanding me/Unyquity VERY IMPORTANT SCHULZE STUFF

Are me and my boyfriend being too fanatically and detoxing our bodies too hard and fast? Certainly NOT as far as I'm concerned!  :) The only thing that seriously concerns me is that Albest...I'd be throwin' that in the trash 'yesterday'.   Do we need to take it slower?  I'm pretty sure your body will love you most if you help it get all it's organs & systems back in working order...slower? or faster? :::grin & wink:::  The important thing is to do it safely & effectively (and with knowledge & understanding).

Are we on the right path? Absolutely!   It seems there is so much conflicting information out there its hard to decide what is right or not. Yes, there IS tons of conflicting information out there, that's why this forum (and it's protocols) is based on the works of three of the greatest and most effective healers that have ever lived.   Their works & protocols have stood the test of time.   "Science & information" changes from week to month to year, but the human body doesn't (well, at least not as quickly as 'information').  But please, do NOT take my word for it!  Do your research & reading, ask lots of questions and don't hesitate to question or challenge things you don't understand or don't make sense.  
From what you've mentioned, here's what I recommend (remember, this is an 'everything' suggestion - it's up to you to decide what you want to do and in what order.  I just want to make sure to give you all the information 1) because I want you to have it 2) because I know it's much cheaper to ship one large box than a bunch of small ones).
--2-4T of Superfood daily for each of you (one baggie = 2T daily for 30 days).  Superfood Original is for vegan eaters & juice-fasting; Superfood Special blend is for those still eating meat & dairy).  This is Dr. Schulzes original formula, not the one you have from him the taste is a bit different.  (We don't know Dr. Schulzes "new" recipe; I prefer to make the products that he used when he was actually healing people in his clinics, not the products he's devised since he's been out of clinical practice).
--Female Formula (if you think you need it).  There's 84 droppersful in a 2oz bottle and 148 droppersful in a 4oz bottle (if you use the 4oz dropper).  Here's Dr. Schulzes dosage recommendations:
--30 days worth of IF#1 & IF#2 for each...the IF#2 is particularly important for adsorbing toxins when juice fasting (or use activated charcoal and/or bentonite clay...and you can add 1 teaspoon of either to each dose of IF#2 for extra detoxification action)
--30 days worth of Unyworm Liquid & Dry/ground herbs (if you can only get one, I suggest the dry herbs to mix with the IF#2...and being SURE to use the "ACV Bomb" with the raw garlic, cayenne powder, ACV and blackstrap molasses or raw local honey 3x daily)
--4-8 oz of Cayenne powder (it's actually easier to start using the tincture, but the tincture goes directly into the bloodstream before it reaches the parasites and the tincture doesn't usually do anything to increase peristalsis).  If not ordering ours, please be sure to make sure that what you have is 100,000 Heat Units or hotter (most cayenne is only 40,000 HU).
--Slippery Elm Bark powder for him...if the IF#2 hasn't helped his IBS issues substantially, you should probably add 1/2-1 teaspoon of Slippery Elm Bark powder to each dose of IF#2, or make the Slippery Elm porridge.  1/2 pound should be more than enough for 30 days
--5 Day Liver & Kidney Cleanses.  Please don't forget your kidneys!  Everyone focuses so much on cleansing and restoring the liver (and that's very important), but if the liver is compromised...then the kidneys have been doing a LOT of extra work, and they need some attention, too.   Marillon, if you think you actually have a fibroid/myloma, I think you definitely want to get the Liver Cleanse that has the Blood D-tox tincture included, here's why:
--Lastly (again if you feel you have a fibroid/myeloma tumor and want to treat it naturally), I recommend continuing at least a month with the IF#1/IF#2 while doing a nightly vaginal herbal bolus:
You mix this blend of herb powders (in small batches) with coconut oil to the consistency of 'play dough' or a pie-crust and then shape them into small finger shapes and put them in the freezer/refrigerator to stiffen.  Then before inserting vaginally, just warm them a bit in your hands to melt the oil (you can actually use a tampon inserter tube to make sure they go high enough into your vagina), and just do them every night before bed.  In the morning, do a apple cider vinegar/water douche to remove the residue or what Dr. Christopher recommends below (which is in the Storefont as Yellow Dock Tea)
24.  Vaginal or rectal herbal bolus.
    Here is another excellent aid for the woman (or rectal bolus for the man) who have problems in the reproductive areas.  Boluses are made with healing herbs that (1) draw out the toxins and poisons, (2) aid (with herbal foods) in making the malfunctioning area healthy, so that cysts, tumors, and cancerous conditions will not have waste material to survive on or live in, because they are all scavengers.  Herbalists have found that they will release and will be dispersed.  Herbalists have found that some will come out through the orifices and others disperse into the blood stream and will be eliminated if the program is followed faithfully.  (3) The bolus spreads its herbal influences widely from the  vagina or bowel through the entire urinary and genital organs.  The formula consists of one part each: squaw vine herbs, slippery elm bark, yellow dock root, comfrey root, marshmallow root, chickweed herb, golden seal root, mullein leaves.  These herbs are all in powder form.  Coconut butter should be melted down so that it will mix well with the herb powder.  Mix a small quantity of this powder, and wet to pie dough consistency with coconut butter (which can be purchased from the drug store, health food store, or herb shop).  Next, roll this mass between hands until you have a pencil-like bolus approximately the size of the middle finger and about inch-long pieces.  Harden in a refrigerator.  Then these are to be inserted into the vagina much the same as suppositories would be.  It will be necessary to wear a sanitary napkin in order to hold the bolus up in the vagina (or rectum).

    Insert upon retiring and leave in all night, six nights a week.  The coconut butter melts at body temperature, leaving only the herbs, and these are easy to douche out.  The following morning use the:

    25.  Slant board combination.
    As an aid in prolapsed uterus, bowel, or other organs, to assist in giving relief, make concentrated tea (simmer down to half its amount) of six parts oak bark, three parts mullein herb, four parts yellow dock root, three parts walnut bark or leaves, six parts comfrey root, one part lobelia, three parts marshmallow root.  Inject with a syringe (while head down on slant board) into vagina, 1/4 to 1/2 cup or more; or rectum, one cup or more; for prolapsus or hemorrhoid problems and leave in as long as is possible before voiding.  Dose suggested is one fourth to one cup, one or more times in a day, and drink one fourth cup in three fourths cup of distilled water three times a day.  When the tea is injected into the abdominal area and while on the slant board, knead and massage the pelvic and abdominal area to exercise the muscles, so the herbal tea (food) will be assimilated into the organs.
Well now, I'm pretty sure that covers everything (and then some! :::grin:::)  Again, I apologize for the delay in response time (besides being behind, yesterday was a 'new moon' which means "tincture day" and we had to spend several days totally reorganizing our tiny lil' house to accomodate new shelves...and clean out part of the garage to make room for the stuff we had to move out of our house to make room for the new shelves! lol).  Be sure and let me know if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible. 
Healthiest of blessings,
P.S. by the way, PM your email address and we can talk about shipping costs/options via email (assuming you're interesting in ordering from us).




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