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Date:   4/16/2010 3:47:54 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Be warned: if your kidney tea cause fatigue and weakness it is due to major mineral loss, and that makes them no different than medical diuretics. Here's an easy test to determine whether the tea formulator could really claim any herbal expertise: check that they aren't listing Marjoram by the name Origanum Vulgaricus, which is Oregano's botanical name. Marjoram's real name is majorana hortensis Moench. Marjoram is much milder than Oregano. So if your kidney tea could pass for pizza sauce maybe that's where it belongs and maybe you should start questioning its formulator's advice -and the company marketing it as well, very unlikely to have asked many questions at the sight of a quick buck- Consider Crystal Star TINKLE EZE capsules, they increase urine flow, without depletion because the formula is skillfully balanced. Additionally ask yourself: should I really be doing this every so often or is this just someone's intuitive dictum that everyone's been blindly following , and how can I be so certain that Liver Flushing will in fact congest my kidneys? Moreover, who can tell how long it should last, when Dr. Schultz' cleanse for instance is over in just five days? It's hard to tell how good a kidney cleanse has been even if you think you felt improvement.

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