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My "Mirena Hell" Story. Act now before it's too late!!! by wandjmom ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   4/18/2010 9:11:23 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Sounds like we are all the same in many ways here. Pay attention to that please. I am now at 1 year post removal. YAY!!!!If you are here there's an issue. I loved my IUD too. No periods for 6 years. That is one of the only 2 side effects I loved!!!. The other being the birth control. I too had thyroid issues that caused me to have my entire thyroid surgically removed in spite of the fact that I had it destroyed with radiation almost 20 years Earlier!!! I had NO function in my thyroid until I got the mirena. Granted it took 3 years to get there, but I had developed what is called Hashimotos Thyroiditis (Meaning my thyroid attacked itself). What the heck?? It didn't work in the first place!!! How's that possible??? Still didn't put two and two together until Mirena #2 was inserted and the Major ANXIETY kicked in. I started freaking out, had paranoid thoughts about my kids I was scared of the world, having hot flashes, heart palps and passing out. (I thought I was having menopause at 40!) My sister pointed out to me that it may be the birth control. She was in a conversation at work and heard another coworker had similar symptoms. So I called my doc. had it removed and next day I found this forum and it all started to make sense. Word of mouth (word of text) says a lot. Please read here as much as you can to gather the info. you need to make a wise decision for YOUR body and YOUR life. Please ask yourself : "Is it really worth all of this"? Even if your ill feelings are not due to the Mirena, think process of elimination. What do you have to lose??? $500.00 or so??? Believe me. Trying to find an answer to your illnesses (if you have issues) will cost much more than that. This is the approximate cost of my 6 year Mirena hell: (out of pocket cost)
(with half decent insurance coverage):
1 year of physical therapy (joint pain and spasms, muscle weakness, disc issues, numbness, tingling, etc.) About $3000.00
3 Mri's. about $2000.00 (to examine back pain and test for MS, Lupus and brain tumors!!!) that was scarry.
Medicines for pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, Antibiotics , etc. about $500.00
Thyroidectomy $500.00($20,0000 without ins.) plus out of work for a month with no pay
New clothes because I gained 30 lbs. ??? Who knows how much $$
That's a total of at least $6000.00
WEIGH YOUR COSTS!! I have to admit all the emotional side effects even almost cost me my marriage. I became a horrible person. Very grumpy and emotional, paranoid, never wanting sex, etc. One thing That made me realize this truth was that my husband said to me 2 months AFTER removal "You are a TOTALLT different person; even the sex is better!" That was my major turning point. I was 100% sure then; that I made the right choice. Sooooo. we had 2 months of GREAT MARRIAGE!!! Finally after 6 years of bad...
Before he suddenly passed away with a heart attack at 45. I know everything happens for a reason. Thank GOD that I had this thing removed and became a better Wife/Mother before my life came crashing down around me. I feel so relieved and at peace knowing that my husband died a "happy man". We were getting along so great!!! That has given me a lot of peace in dealing with this great loss. I would've hated myself right now had he died months earlier while we were miserable. I was a pure bitch!!! This stupid mirena changed my personality so much that No One even knew who I was. Including me. Hindsight I guess. So please. I put it out there for you. Make a difference now if you think you are suffering from this, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
Peace in answers to all of you.

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