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Re: Women and christianity. by The Hunter ..... Christianity Debate

Date:   5/1/2010 4:10:02 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Yes Spud, I concluded this "concept" five years ago but I wasn't looking at the whole picture.
Mine was centred around God and of course the idea pooh-poohed so I looked at as many other concepts (none that has made sense yet) but never letting that one go.

Time had moved on and I noticed your continued references about "energy" it but you also added:-

[[[The only submitting to be done, is the submission of the individual to your own good conscience.]]]

So you had given this "energy" "conscience/thought" interesting? so it opened up a whole new field(to me) as in science/god/humanity/nature etc, etc.

Something tangible to reason with, thing is, where does this take us, the mind boggles.

"The tree of Knowledge" perhaps wasn't so bad as it was made to be because it is just conceivable at the time when written, man did not perhaps envisage "humans potential" and in so thinking along those lines it was forbidden to think further than our noses, leaving us enslaved to archaic beliefs.

I relate to this because "biblically" speaking we are told that we have "sinned" by not subjecting ourselves to "remaining in the dark" and thus not under control of the few.

So we were not to "see the light" (knowledge) which is still part of some religions such as your friends that is continuously enforcing people to live under some draconian
system and others like ours caste as sinners because of some passages in the Bible.

It also just might help us to find the answer to "man's inhumanity to man" that has for so long escaped us
It might be "force fields" that we don't understand yet Spud, and if we do then we can eliminate Satan, Redemption etc. all this dark-age thinking that is continuously used to answer it.

Now that out of the way I feel that we must be rid of the "fears" and "beliefs" cluttering our minds and set sail for answers that many seek to understand reasons of our existence.

Long road ahead, of course I'm seen now as "satanical" by some because of the their embedded beliefs but one must move on.


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