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Only the ladies will be interested in this part! by OrganicJul ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/12/2010 12:51:12 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I can't believe I'm about to get this graphic on here, but I really feel like I have an obligation to share about my experience. If it helps even one person, then it is worth it. So apparently, it's time to share... Talk about getting to know someone!
So since the second day after starting this product,I have started having a continuous, heavy vaginal discharge. I have never had ANYTHING like this in my WHOLE life. And I only ever had one yeast infection. It's thick, white/mucousy and is a lot like the really bad snot you get when you have a serious head-cold. Think about how thick and long/solid the snot is when it turns greenish/brown. This discharge is the same consistency but more of an off-white/yellowish color and it smells like this yeasty, musty, cheesy smell. I am actually REALLY glad that I am home and don't have any plans for the next few days because I am totally seeing/noticing that I am having this strong female odor that I have never had. I had Body Odor when I first started the modern herbalist cleanse, but it went away and I haven't had any since. That was in like February I think. If I had to go out in public right now, I'd be embarrassed. It's a continuous discharge, but I have also been on the toilet a few times when actual balls/clumps/lumps whatever you want to call them, literally fell OUT of my body. During all the candida cleanses I have done, nothing has EVER come out of this PARTICULAR orifice. Everything always just came out with bowel movements. I am still getting the fish-food type flakes coming out with bowel movements. I'm kind of excited to see what else happens on this cleanse.

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