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Re: Raw Veganism is ONLY a Temporary Treatment! The true human diet is RAW VEG, RAW FRUIT + RAW MEAT + RAW FAT by #28223 ..... Raw Food: The Raw Omnivore Diet

Date:   7/24/2010 3:23:43 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Good Samaritan---We get it. You are a believer in eating raw meat. To each his own, I say. Personally, it's not for me. It's worked for you---good for you (really, I mean that). However, what I've learned is that we're all different and what may work for one person may not work for another. As I've read through the Diabetes Type II forum and gleaned much good advice, I've found a diet that works for me. I did this simply by trial and error based on what worked for others.

I once recall reading about some people who owned an exotic animal (either an ocelot or tiger---can't remember exactly). They bought raw meat for the animal but one day noticed that the animal appeared to be very weak and unable to move. A visit to the vet found that while, yes, in the wild the animal lived on a diet of raw meat, there was a big difference between what his owners fed him and what was caught in the wild. In order for raw meat to be of most benefit to the animal, it would have to be from fresh kill. Meat that has been sitting loses much of its nutrients.

Just my two cents, obviously. However, you are now at the point where you are beating a dead horse (no pun intended). Your posts are out there for others to see and come to their own conclusions. That's what CZ is all about---passing along info---and you have done so, quite frankly, to the point of ad nauseum.

Best wishes to you!

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