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Re: This is good advice and info (edited) by wombat ..... Gulf Oil Spill

Date:   7/29/2010 8:40:39 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I'm curious as to why you post in this forum, it seems that this forum is a source of amusement for you, as are the posters...

Perhaps your flippancy is just how you deal with this huge tragedy, make light of it and it loses some of it's seriousness? Is that it?

Also, I don't think that hope is possible without some education, some knowledge of what's going on. For instance, you make fun of youtube videos, but youtube is a way for real people to connect. Without youtube we would not see that it's raining oil in La., that sure is not something that you will see on the network news. Youtube is still available to all, it's not controlled by corporations.

Please try to show some sensitivity and respect here. There are people posting on and reading this forum whose lives are being impacted in a very REAL way. It's not videos to them, it's REAL, their home is being destroyed and their health could be impacted as well if they don't get out of there.

I cannot imagine how that feels. Can you imagine living your entire life in one place, being surrounded by family and friends, living on the same piece of dirt for your entire life and having the possibility of that all being taken away? What's going to happen? Is the entire community going to re-locate together? I don't think so... so, for the first time in your life you have to move to a place where you don't know anyone? What's waiting out there? Everything that was predictable and knowable, the comfort of HOME, the comfort of seeing the same faces, the same places, well, that's just GONE.

And what about the land and the sea that you love? Made filthy and dead. A freakin toxic mass grave. How absolutely horrible for those that hold this place in their hearts.

How sad for all of us.


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