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Re: This is good advice and info (edited) by wombat ..... Gulf Oil Spill

Date:   7/29/2010 10:01:37 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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dude(ette), we are on the same page.

What you call fearmongering can be a very real, very sane reaction to a world out of one's control. Do you get that?

Finding someone, something to blame is a very natural reaction to stressors that can not only impact your life but END your life.

" But I would like to think that everything will be ok right where I'm at."

Yes, I would as well. But ya know what? I ain't about to approach this world with blind faith that "everything will be ok". It's not.

There is something very wrong with this world. From frankenfoods to fluoridated water to kids being put on psychoactive drugs to doggy day care to mercury fillings to bling to pop music to junk TV to doctors with their prescription pads to Monsanto to Dow and on and on and on.

If you can look at the structure of this society and say it's "ok", then well all that I can say is that you are a fine citizen:) And that you'd better get your blinders off, post-haste.

It's really difficult to look at things and NOT see a conspiracy. To see a Conspiracy in this mess is just an extension of that, IMO.

I find it interesting that BP is the largest manufacturer of wind and solar generators in the world. I appreciate that the carbon credit issue has been explored on this forum... for starters.

Hmmmm... who owns the company that manufactures corexit?

Whether or not a Conspiracy exists, I don't know. I can see how some would see it that way though.

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