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[FAQ] Health Building Food Program: Working File Thread by water01 ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   8/22/2010 6:24:34 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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This is an FAQ working file thread.  Please do not ask questions in this thread.  Feel free to add valid information/research and or testimonies.

Learning to become a vegan.

Develop a food program that will keep you healthy for life:

Dr. Schulze’s “Health Building” Food Program:

Don’t eat ANYTHING with a Face on it.

Learn to become a vegan. Learn to use spices and herbs. Use lots of garlic and cayenne! Have fun..


What is the the Health Builders Food Program? 

This is a food program that Dr. Schulze suggested for his patients as a way to learn vegan eating.  To start they could eat anything that did not have a face.  That included all the 'vegan' junk foods! 

As they got comfortable with the foods available it was recommended to eat more nutritionally dense and cleansing foods.  EXAMPLES:  juicing fruits and vegetables, SuperFood, slippery elm. Learn and develop a nutritional program that would keep them healthy for life.

1.  Eating any and all vegan foods. These foods can be cooked, raw, sprouted, soaked, cultured, water kefir.  You can eat anything that does not or did not have a face.  NO animal foods; meat, fish, eggs, dairy, butter, cheese, etc.

2. Basic List of Vegan and Healing Foods:

DRINK ONLY distilled or reverse osmosis water, herbal teas, water kefir beverages + more

NO alcohol, coffee, or refined sugars are allowed.

Herbal teas (non-caffeine) are allowed.

EAT organic/unprocessed/unfiltered/whole foods;

fruits, vegetables

fresh vegetable/fruit juices 

soaked/sprouted nuts, seeds, grains and beans

fermented/cultured foods


organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar

raw unheated unfiltered honey

blackstrap molasses

slippery elm

non-active nutritional yeast

healthy oils [plant-sourced]: organic, unrefined, cold-pressed, virgin; [examples: coconut, olive, sunflower, flaxseed]

3.  A good rule of thumb; 50% of what you eat should be raw or juiced. 


Whenever possible your grains, nuts and seeds, legumes, and beans should be soaked and/or sprouted.  When cooking beans, legumes and grains they should be 'low-heated' only.  EASY COOKING METHOD: Place them in a thermos bottle and add boiling water and let sit overnight or for several hours. 

Healthy plant sourced oils such as olive and flaxseed should not be used in cooking.  Heat destroys/damages the health benefits.  Add these oils AFTER the cooking process. When cooking always use the lowest heat possible.

4. Be cautious of any processing of the food you buy.  Whenever possible buy fresh, local, organic food.  Packaged foods have some form of processing.  Learn to read labels and what they tell you. 

Shop your local co-ops and farmer's markets.

5.  Adjust your food program as your body cleanses / rebuilds /restores.

6.  Once every ‘season’:

Eat only raw food for a few days, then;

Juice fast for a few days, then;

Eat only raw food for a few days, then;

Go back to the Health Building food program of vegan eating.


To learn more about the Health Building Food Program, listen to the 1997 Natural Healing Crusade video:



 Drink your solids and chew your juices

Dr. Schulze teaches the importance of moving our body every day.  Circulation and Movement Program

[FAQ] Bodywork

He says 'blockage' in the body is the root cause of most health issues and all disease.  The FIRST step to renewed and restored health is removing blockages in the body.

The first two things addressed when learning the benefits NATURAL HEALING can provide are;

The benefits of eating vegan, raw foods and juices.

The benefits of cleaning your colon. 

1. The benefits and importance of colon cleansing. [FAQ] Colon Cleansing


3. The benefits of SuperFood.

4. The benefits of cultured/fermented food.

5. Non-Supplementation. Why you need to STOP taking supplements and all isolated substances



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The 10 Different Types of Water

Dr. Schulze had three vegan food programs he used for his patients when he had his clinic.
1. The Health Building Food Program. Learning to be a vegan.
2. Raw Food Program. Eating LIVE Food and Drinking Juices - More Nutrition
3. Juices and Juice Fasting

Getting well is just a matter of stopping what you did to make yourself sick and beginning a few new programs that will encourage health.

All disease is caused by some type of blockage, whether it is circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, nutritional, elimination, emotional, whatever, free the blockage, let the energy flow, and healing explodes.



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