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Parasites - Certainty of Clearance? by tlp69 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/14/2010 8:42:38 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hello All,

I have been aware of the problem with parasites for a couple of years now. Maybe I should say aware of them with respect to my own body and health. When I was an undergraduate I took a Biology class that actually showed parasitic infections. It was horrible to say the least.

I have a concern and I'm sure this is something that so many others have and have mentioned. For some years now I've had problems with losing weight. My diet was really not the problem. I was jogging for miles (on the treadmill) and swimming 50 laps (not lengths, but laps) a day. Being 6.2" I'm still around 330 lbs. I carry it well, but I've never been as active as I am now. I was losing weight, went below 300 lbs. I started close to 380 lbs. Then nothing I could do would result in my weight loss. In fact, my weight shot up so quickly as to baffle me. I noticed that I started losing weight when I did a parasite cleanse using Parafactors and Liver Cleanse. I was also taking Colloidal Silver (home made). I also did Liver Flushes - which produced lots of yellow/tan stones, and some large green ones. I think I did Parafactors close to 4 times. Here is the twist. I did Dr. Natura's Cleanse in order to clear out any old material. I saw what definitely looked like worms. But there was one I saw that was really, really disturbing. This was definitely a worm, with ridges along its length. It was brown to black and was anywhere from a foot to more than a foot long. It was about as thick as a vaccuum cleaner power cord. Curiously enough, part of it seemed to be stuck in or coming out of one of those yellow/tan balls I saw come out after Liver Cleanses and Liver Flushes I've done.

After doing all of that parasite cleanse before, here was something like this coming out. Since it was in one of those stones that came out during a Liver Cleanse I began to wonder if such nasty critters might be hiding in my liver. What affect they may be playing on my metabolism and other such aspects of my health that depend on the liver.

If the thing I saw was a nematode it made me wonder how long it had been there to get so large.

Is there any way to make totally sure that my body and my liver is totally clear of such invaders and unwanted freeloaders?


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