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Re: Need some advice please by #132242 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   11/17/2010 1:11:09 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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dvjorge is correct, but maybe the bedside manner needs a bit of improvement.

you have 2 people here who are still ill doling out advice. this is not very productive.

The Mcomb plan sounds like information that is at least 30 years old -- a rehash of William Crook's book 'The Yeast Connection'. That book was excellent in its time, but fortunately humanity has evolved and progressed since then. it will probably work for some people with mild candida, but it can also be dangerous as the OP is finding out.

Candida is not a disease in and of itself. the alternative and allopathic doctors all agree on this. there is no dispute... candida overgrowth is a resultant condition caused by OTHER factors. perhaps this is why if you look at people who only concentrate on candida they have a very rough tough time of it, and often get themselves into trouble or wind up chasing ghosts.

If a zero carbohydrate diet was singularly the only solution to 'killing' candida then logically that would preclude all other solutions as being valid. since people have cured candida overgrowth with all sorts of other means (including simply removing amalgams) then the zero carb theory is effectively disproved.

Most people know that Candida is normal micro-organism found in the digestive tract, in certain proportions to other species of organisms. Candida overgrowth occurs when this balance is disturbed.

There are many different theories as to why this happens. My personal favorites are espoused by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who claims that Candida is the body's natural response to heavy metal poisoning in the gut. the Candida is allowed to overgrow in order to bind heavy metals. This is why people have such horrendous herxheimer reactions from candida die-off, because they are releasing more heavy metals back into their system.

Dr. Andrew Cutler has proven that mercury destroys the neutrophils that keep candida in check and also inactivates the enzymes that digest gluten and casein.

Other theories claim that the overuse of Antibiotics sets up the gut environment for pathological candida overgrowth.

there is even a theory that the *combination* of Amalgam fillings and Antibiotics is the root cause wherein the bacterial overgrowth caused by the Antibiotics will methylate the leaked mercury and thus produce methylmercury, one of the most potent toxins known to man.

Still other theories suggest that candida is a result of changes in the food supply, where the quantity of refined carbohydrates like white flour, table sugar, corn syrup have reached epidemic proportions as compared with ancestral diets.

Dr. D'adamo claims that certain blood types are genetically susceptible to candida overgrowth from improper diet and lifestyle.

undiagnosed celiac disease can also set people up for candida overgrowth as the small intestine becomes impacted/or damaged.

In reality, it is probably a combination of many different factors that set the stage for candida overgrowth. but realize that candida is not the primary problem and going into ketosis (for some people) can have terrible effects on health. if thyroid hormone is not expressed properly in the gut, the entire carbohydrate metabolism will be compromised and this too can set up a person for candida overgrowth.

dvjorge is correct too in that candida can live on protein and can also feed directly on the blood stream if it burrows into the intestinal wall if it enters the pathological rhizome stage.

your brain runs on sugars, like it or not, without sufficient sugars in the bloodstream you will just degenerate mentally and physically until you learn to listen to your body. (some people are able to successfully go into ketosis and derive enough sugars from protein and fat), but this is not the norm and i am not sure how many people can do this in the long term.

Many people who follow Doug Graham's fruit program also recover from candida. how can this be when they are consuming a diet of nothing but sweet fruits?

to the OP, i would recommend stopping the Mcomb plan. eat normally for a few weeks to regain some semblance of balance, and then explore some different avenues, perhaps some of the ones i mentioned here.


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