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the deal with my lips . . . and a photo presentation by lipshitz ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   1/2/2011 5:57:48 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hey folks,

So, I've been working, travelling, and focusing on my regimen the past half a year, and I want apologize for not staying as active on the site as I would like. I've had the condition of labial hyperkeratinization (abnormal dryness and excessive peeling of the skin of the lips) for four years now. This year I hope to end the cycle for good.

I sincerely believe that mental well-being (especially stress/depression), diet, internal microorganisms, and environmental factors all play a role in what many of us sufferers have. I think most people in the Peeling Lips Forum are affected on the inside with compromised immune systems, and it shows up on the outside. I think others may be having an allergic reaction or an infection. To determine the root cause, testing and experimentation are the only ways. Everyone is different, but by continuing to share our commonalities we can reach a better idea of what path to follow. Desperate, poorly thought out measures will most likely aggravate your condition.

I know for a fact that I had a Candida overgrowth, most likely when the condition started, and I eliminated it. The condition remained. What I now also know is that in my case, topical treatment has been unnecessary and perhaps counterproductive. A healthier diet, natural therapies, and stress reduction strategies have been the most effective for me so far. Times began and have worsened always in tandem with changes in weather, alcohol, sugar, dairy, and wheat consumption and in times of high stress. Humid climates seem to help whereas dry climates definitely don't, but air pollution may also hinder progress.

A recent trip to the Caribbean, where my diet was very high acid forming, although preservative and chemical free, shortened my peeling cycle to every 5-6 days, while it had gotten to 8 days on a high alkaline diet right before the trip. Binge drinking alcohol seemed to stimulate exfoliation. My lips were exposed to a lot of fried food, sun and wind often as well as heavy diesel pollution. My diet mainly consisted of: fruit, almonds, fried rice with pork, and very few vegetables. I have documented the change in the condition with high resolution photos, in the Image Gallery here and on the Case Histories page of the wiki.

Nov '10 full buildup  Jan '11 full buildup

My new regimen will be a natural colon cleanse followed by a strict high alkaline-forming diet, supplementing with acidophilus, some naturally derived vitamins, bee pollen, cod liver oil, echinacea, calendula, and plenty of water with lemon juice. I will not eat dairy other than goat milk or ghee (clarified butter), salt other than sea salt, oil other than olive and coconut, and sweeteners other than Stevia or raw honey. I will eat only alkaline fruits and nuts and limit my protein to goat meat, chicken and fish with low mercury levels. I will be eating raw and baking a lot and eating very little fried food, and always with coconut oil. Lots of leafy greens, broccoli, and seaweed. I will not drink any alcohol save a glass of wine or two in a couple weeks, and will be trying some oil pulling, probably first with coconut oil, then calendula infused olive oil with a drop of neem oil. I will attempt this diet until late February at the least, and update my progress on the wiki on the Case Histories page.

I apologize in advance that I can't stay active on Curezone due to a busy year ahead of me, as well as thinking I should only use the Internet when absolutely necessary (so I can get plenty of rest and lower stress). I think being stressed and depressed is something we all have in common (except for those with an understanding girl or boyfriend I guess). I'm gonna try that out too if possible.

I may see a general practioner, an Asian medicine doctor or another ayurvedic practitioner and will post any diagnoses. Will get tested again for HIV and other STDs. Also, I have access to a digital microscope now at the school where I work. I will try to make some slides in the off hours of my dead skin for closer inspection and put that on the wiki under Diagnoses and Microscopic Images.

I wish you all a happy, productive and fruitful New Year. And here's to some day winning this war (and probably ending up way healthier internally than ever before in the process). Si se puede.




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