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Re: parasites cleanse by Michel84 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   1/17/2011 11:17:33 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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"Also, you could try fattening up before trying out the diet as well if you're really concerned. Just don't make your condition worse in the process. It's a fine line to toe."

This fattening up is what I am doing atm, before trying the Candida diet (even though it hasn't worked for some doesn't mean it won't for me either right ;) ). As a matter of fact, I am feeling much better in this state that before, and I still have EC.

I think this largely has to do with 2 things:
1) I keep avoiding 'high-potential trigger foods' such as refined sugar, wheat, too much fruit. I keep drinking large amount of water (besides 2-3 coffee/day this is the ONLY thing that I drink), about 2-3 liters per day if not more. I also ingest cheese and vegetable oils and lots of potatoes/ veggies without sauces and the likes.
2) Because I was feeling quite depressed up to 1 year ago, and putted it all away (as a way of coping with those thoughts), I felt emotionally disturbed. So, I went to see a psychologist to get a more optimistic view of myself, of my situation, and of my future. This is helping tremendously to reduce the amount of time I am obsessing with my lips, so I can focus on other things, and learn to enjoy life in general more. I must say this greatly reduces stress (which we all know is important in EC) and the general discomfort that I experienced. Aside from 'knowing' that I have EC and that it 'might' be visible, I ignore those facts to comfort myself with the thought that nobody is perfect, and that my EC is not very visible (it actually isn't very noticeable, unless people look up really close). I can definately recommend seeing a psychologist/ psychiatrist to anyone who can afford it and is coping with psychological problems; there is nothing to be ashamed of and it WILL help you get a more realistic, optimistic view on your life!!

Lastly, I must also remark that even with this 'Candida-feeding diet', the peeling cycle is 6-7 days long, my lips are not very dry in general (except when there is alot buildup of dead skin at day 5-7), they do not bleed or irritate at all, and they are only sensitive when I just peeled off thin pieces of skin when they exfoliate (to make this easier I also use Calendulan the night before). This is much better than 1 year ago, when they did irritate me (especially when talking), were much drier, and peeled every 3-4 days!!

I'm curious to see how a strict Candida-diet will affect my lips!

Just my 2 cents,

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