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Re: 3 years on iodine by #88964 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/8/2011 8:27:10 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hey Gina Girl! Great post! I love Iodine updates and encourage all to do so as we are all dealing with different forms of detox and it helps to know what we are experiencing has benefits!

Funny to read about your detox right now.....I am also in the midst of a heavy detox. I have come to know the cycle so I knew this was coming. I was feeling really good about a month or so ago and was just elated with that feeling. However, in the back of my mind, I knew the wave was rolling in and I was due for another detox wave. Sure enough, the past 2 weeks I have detox pimples on my face, burning tongue, burning eyes and mouth and lower back pain. I have been using my rebounder and upping the vitamin C and salt loading. I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can go back to my walking every day!

I was really late for my period this month. It came 9 days late and it was the lightest period I ever had. It is still lingering a little but not one cramp and not one clot. I never saw a period so light. My breast does not hurt at all. I think with Iodine it is doing a lot of changes for me hormonally as I not only had this light period but would also get a little more discharge over the course of the month (sorry for the gross description).

Right now I am at 9 or 10 drops of lugols. I take a b-complex, 2000 - 3000 vit C, magnesium malate, high fermented cod liver oil, 200 mg. selenium, 1/4 teas. of Sea Salt , black strap molasses on occasion for iron.

I am not sure if its ferratin or b's that I am low in but I still mildly crave ice (pica). My energy level is normal, my hair does not shed, my gums are pink and I sleep the best I have ever slept. Overall, I feel great, outside of the few bromide detox symptoms I get. I wonder how long it really takes to get to an optimum state.....I am in for the long haul either way.

Thanks for your contribution to this forum is greatly appreciated......Kristen

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