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Starting a parasite cleanse, need advice please :) by skrumptious ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/6/2011 3:08:52 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi there!
So i've been reading on here as I want to start a parasite cleanse, and I've *kinda* done one in the past, but there's so many options, i'm overwhelmed. Here's what I gather helps:
-top 3 main- clove, Black-Walnut , Wormwood (seem a must!)
-apple cider vinegar (enemas and orally taken)
- Colloidal Silver
-Psyllium and Bentonite shakes
-raw garlic
-Pumpkin seeds/oil
-Liver support herbs (milk thistle)
-Pau d'arco
-Cats Claw
-ph strips to test acidity

My goodness.... where to start?

Also, I want to do the colon cleanse, enemas, P&B shakes, etc. but can i do the parasite cleanse at the same time, or is it better to do it after? I wont be eating, but only juicing. I could be juicing, and taking various supplements, that would be okay no? I guess I'm just asking what of these works best for ya'll? Also, (i'm sure its diff. for everybody) but is 20 days the minimum advised amount of time for a para cleanse?

any help and advice is greatly welcome and appreciated, thank you so much....

Oh, a little about me... i'm wanting to do this as my bowel movements have been VERY strange for the last month. I was constipated, had FOUL gas that only got worse- it now smells like PURE sulfur of the earth (think hot springs), and my bm's are like soft serve. I'm vegan and eat a very healthy Diet of lots of fresh veggies, juices, grains, seeds, fruits, etc. and i haven't changed my diet too much, aside from juicing more. I also started taking P&B shakes a few times a week, so I'm wondering if this has started some sort of uproar in my bowels with a potential community that could be residing in there. i thought a PC can't hurt, so I should do it, i mean, everybody's got parasites anyway right?!

again, thank you for any help you're able to throw my way!!

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