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accidently rid myself of morgellons by #97560 ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   3/28/2011 12:42:52 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I promised myself I would never go on the net about morgellons again after I discovered I had it OCt 2006. I was so freaked out I barged into my doctors office, hyterical, of course he tried to prescribe me medications.

What I read scared me to death. After a lenghty talk with my practical mother I resigned myself to the fact there was nothing I could do, and never to read about this condition again and just try and live with it.

I had many terrible symptoms, lesions, pepper specks, glitter, fibers, hair, muscle twitching, gum problems, emotional problems, sleeping troubles, red and blue fibers, black fibers, white and clear fibers, hives, thrush, felt like bugs crawling on me, etc.

Now the weird part.....I also had major digestive problems, like IBS, and felt like my food wasn`t I discovered (by pure fluke) a diet from the 1920`s called SCD diet, that was grain free, lactose free, and Sugar free, in order to solve my digestive problems.

Guess what yeah...all my morgellons symptoms faded and went away, doing nothing else other than overhaul my diet. Also this diet is a whole foods diet that does not allow any proccessed foods.

So it has been a couple of years now, and I have wanted to post this somewhere so others can try it. There is a very similar diet called GAPS, and even more restricive is paleo or cave man diet.

The nice thing about SCD diet is it cures so many diseases. like celiac, cholitis, chrohns, ibs, skin prioblems, autism...look up you tube for videos.

Your weight will also normalize without dieting. I lost 100lbs, for underwight who are not absorbing their foods, will gain weight.

Although the diet is a 2 year commitment, you will see results in the first day, by day 3 you will be convinced, by the 3 week, you will feel `normal`` again.

What made me decide to post this, was an experience I had the other day. I was making a homemade pizza for my boyfriend a few days and was HORRIFIED when I actually looked at pizza dough. I bought it fresh from a local ilalian bakery.

What I saw was what used to come out of my skin. Black specs, little black fibers, white node things....this was from the yeast.

I haven`t had either brewers or bakers yeast for 4 years now, which MIGHT be part of the puzzle.

I tried searching this morningfor the first time to see if anone else has noticed this. I didn`t see anything on diet or the yeast connection.

If you try the diet and see results please post post post on as many forums as you can for others.

Just so you know the diet is designed to starve out parasites, bacteria, yeast, and fungus from their favorite foods and break the viscious cycle. WHatever morgellons is..because I really dont`want to speculate, the diet will starve it too.

A vey good cook book series is the every day grain free gourmet and grain free gourmet....these books are for foodies who don`t want to sacrifice gourmet food while altering their diet.

Look up scd legal and illegal foods, you will see as I did, that many of the illegal foods are what health food stores and practicioners advise you to do.

A canadian food scientist perfected the diet in the 1970`s, so you dont need to guess anything.

Out of the legal foods, you should check your heart rate to challenge certain foods to see if you have a hidden allergy, if your beats go up or down more than 8 beats per minute, do not eat that foods for a month or two and challenge again.

Your hidden food allergies will clear up as your gut heals.

good luck to you all!!!!!


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