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Anal Fecal Odor - HA, HA, BIG CLUE (Apartment in NY or NJ?) by fecalodor ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   4/11/2011 11:17:58 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I haven't posted here in a long while because I was having extra difficulties. I ended up getting kicked out from the place I was staying, due to this odor. Anyway, life goes on. There's a slight bit of hope for everyone experiencing this. For a long while I've been having an internal debate as to whether my anal fecal odor is as a result of bacteria, or sphincter-problem, or even both. And now I'm leaning towards the angle of anal fecal odor being caused by bad bacteria. I began to have this odor during a financially challenging period in my life when I was eating only bread. Bread is yeast. I ended up getting constipated. Ever since then I've been experiencing incomplete bowel evacuation with diarrhea and anal odor. I have also done other things prior to this odor which may have made me vulnerable to bad bacteria overgrowth, and these things include steroids in my beauty treatment regime (steroids affect the liver and kill good bacteria), overdosing on Antibiotics , consumption of high fructose cheap Mexican sodas (high fructose can cause fatty liver)... I can go on and on, but I'm kinda shy to reveal everything. Anyway, I've been hearing about people getting cured from fecal odor after overdosing on probiotics. That didn't really make sense to me, but I still went ahead and tried low dosages of probiotics which didn't stop my anal fecal odor. I thought it was weird that anyone would cure fecal odor by overdosing on probiotics, but I didn't find it too extraordinary because somewhere at the back of my mind I still felt that candida and bad bacteria could be causing this odor. Anyway, a Naturopathic doctor that is also a Medical Doctor was talking on the radio recently, and he has being saying that a new study done by a University in the U.S (perhaps University of Nebraska, not sure) shows that the digestive enzymes from the liver cant digest food if there isn't enough good bacteria in the stomach because the good bacteria create the right PH level in the stomach for the digestive enzymes to work or get activated. Does this now make sense why some people that have been overdosing on probiotics have been cured? The doctor also sells a probiotic blend. I went to his office once, many months ago and I told his staff how I felt my odor was caused by candida. I never went back to his office again. Soon afterwards, the doctor started announcing on his radio show that he was now offering a free stool analysis for anyone that would come to his office, as that would help detect candida in the colon. I felt the doctor heard about my condition from his staff, and he was convinced that my odor was caused by candida; and that was why he started offering free stool analysis so as to encourage me to come back to have the test done. He was properly interested in doing research on me, but I never went back there. For anyone interested in contacting him directly, his website is
You may want to get on an anti-candida diet while taking his probiotics. But first explain your condition to him. I'm curious to see if someone can get healed through him so that I can be convinced to try him. Anyway, if anyone has a small apartment in New York or New Jersey that I can rent, please let me know. Furthermore, a lady from Germany emailed me that she was cured from this condition after she was treated for Pancreatic Insufficiency with prescription medication in Germany. I met her on another forum. So, could it be that the bad bacteria in our guts are the reason why digestive enzymes can't get activated and leading to the food smelling in our stool? I always smell like the food I eat mixed with the fecal smell. So definitely I'm not digesting well. Anyway, I really need an apartment in NY or NJ, so I would greatly appreciate any help from here. Thanks all and I wish everyone freedom from this odor.

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