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Juices I like for Superfood...Re: Superfood vs Miracle Green/Other...Re: random comments by healinginHiswings ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   4/12/2011 8:26:06 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hey Roooth!

I remember the first time I ever had any Superfood. It was terrible! I actually went out in my backyard and had to get myself "grounded" before I could drink any more of it. I honestly gagged and wanted to puke. But, as Uny said, I wanted to get well waaaay more than I wanted to please my taste buds, so I choked it down. In about a week I got used to it. I still don't really like the way it tastes, but I associate the taste with "goodness," so I do like it.

Try drinking your Superfood with fresh squeezed organic orange juice... especially if it's cold. Mmmmm. Heaven. Just stir some in to your glass. Also try home juiced organic apple juice. Pretty good. And cantaloupe juice. OMG. Now that *is* goodness.

It's nasty in watermelon juice, grape juice, and grapefruit juice. It's Ok in fresh strawberry juice, but it messes up the color, even if you add more beetroot powder to make it pinker for fun. :(  Superfood actually tastes pretty good in light veggie juices like cucumber, celery, and carrot. If you wan to have some fun, try making a V-8/Bloody Mary kind of juice with fresh tomato juice, hot peppers, and Superfood. I put Superfood in fresh, organic peach juice once and it made me sad. Fresh peaches are close to perfection, and are only in season for about six weeks, so I would rather enjoy the peach juice alone. :)

My favorite thing to do now is to drink whatever is in season and add Superfood to it. Organic, local, seasonal, high quality is always best, if you can get it.

Uny's right about labels. You want whole foods. If you don't recognise the word, or can't pronounce it, it doesn't belong in your body.

Wings (who is sold out on hippy crap lol)



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