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Re: Anal Fecal Odor - HA, HA, BIG CLUE (Apartment in NY or NJ?) by fecalodor ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   4/17/2011 9:56:46 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Mendomaid, thanks for ur response. can u please tell me of a good website to read about the gluten overload? and what does gluten overload mean or how does it affect digestion or lead to odor? Before, i never could understand why if anything touched my rectum, the smell of that thing will be amplified so others are clearly able to smell it. For example, if i douche with soap and water, throughout that day i'ld smell like soap and water mixed with feces. i used to think that the reason for the amplified rectal smell was because of loose sphincter muscle. Now i think that the amplified rectal smell is due to the amount of gas being produced by the bad bacteria, and that gas mixes with anything it finds in the rectum; thereby, producing a smell of exactly what the gas mixes with. its not normal for the rectum to have a sharp odor of any variety. a normal anus should have a "faint" gutter smell if u put ur nose close to it. also the gas from my intestine comes out through my breath and a friend once told me that when i open my mouth, the smell of rotten food pours out. therefore, the gas that comes out through my mouth is of undigested food while the gas that comes out through my anus is the smell of undigested food mixed with feces. the gas mixes with anything it encounters and absorbs that smell. and I just read on the forum that the hydrogen and methane gas that bad bacteria produces are actually odorless, so it makes sense that this gas takes on the smell of anything it encounters, whether soap or water, etc. Therefore if we dont eat anything for a long time, that gas comes out in its natural state - odorless. I think we all deserve a Nobel Peace Prize if we can find a solution to this and probably set up a school to teach doctors about our condition. HA HA!! So only doctors that come to our school can be qualified to treat people with our condition. We deserve such patent from the court for the hell we been through. Why cant we make money off the cure?

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