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Re: Everyone can smell it but me by #141033 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   5/22/2011 9:03:23 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Well i eat he school lunch milk every day usually get salad twice a week, either that or cheese pizza or teriyaki chicken (rarely) and at home we eat rice (a lot) beans(not 2 often 4 me) spagehtti (occasionally). I can't be sure of whether or not it was me, (by the way my little brother i believe he might be having the same problem bc @ the salvation army i vulunteer @ & he goes 2, the other kids r asking me if her showers and telling me he stinks. it doesn't exactly help that he's also autistic, but i guess the bright side is he doesn't have to hurt like i do.) but when i was using this room in my house we use for the office -- i wud go there & occasionally my brother-- i noticed after taking a break from going there, that the place smelled terrible. i can't describe the smell except that it was like stale and very slightly had a scent of what pennies taste like and it was thick. I had not smelled it anywhere b4 except 4 actually 2day, in the living room where me & my little bro were sitting with my mom's friend who kept fanning herself whenever i sniffed(got a cold) and sniffing back, and it was that same stale powerful scent. The time period btwn when i smelled this is like a year btw. Im wondering if that is what tma wud smell like or watever it is. also i never thought of asking the doctor 2 test me 4 tmau i always just asked do u smell me & he's like no. and its freaky now bc b4 i asked him he was all coughing and now its like he sincerely doesn't smell me @ all. anyway other ppl still do, so im going 2 give the test a try & c. sheesh maybe if i just go up to ppl and just say do i stink mayb theyll all stop. as if. anyway thanks 4 replying, i appreciated that u didn't just conclude i have tmau. i really wish sum1 wud pay more attention 2 this issue. they act like it doesnt exist.

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