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Re: help wich brand of colloidal silver should i buy? by Jeremiah Martin Kubiak ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   5/29/2011 12:38:12 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hello there Farro

I have been working on healing candida for the past few months. When it first showed up I was trying hydrogen peroxide and that just agitated the surrounding tissue in my mouth and seemed to make it spread faster. Then I started using listerine and that just dried out my mouth and seemed to make the candida spread. I did some researching online in the past on Colloidal Silver and only found products with nano particles. Recently I found this product with 3000 ppm and atom sized particles.

I was skeptical about the product at first and that changed when I took the first drink and swished it around in my mouth. I noticed a cleansing sensation similar to that of hydrogen peroxide except without the agitation or abrasiveness. The water also had a bitter taste similar to lemon juice and I noticed that after I swished the water around in my mouth for awhile that the bitter taste would go away almost like the silver was being absorbed into the tissue in my mouth. It took away the slimy feeling and made my mouth feel totally clean so that my mouth could salivate again and heal.

I started brushing and swishing after every meal and noticed that the infection was not spreading anymore. This product gave me hope again and after a couple months and two bottles of the 3000 ppm I got over confident knowing the silver will kill the candida and started eating sugars again. I started juicing oranges and drinking almond milk again and it came back.

So now I am on a Sugar free diet and only eating millet now instead of quinoa and amaranth. I don't eat any sugary vegetables like carrots either and I have been brushing and rinsing after every meal with the 3000 ppm and I am sure that I will beat this within the next few months now that I am serious about it.



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