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Re: having Gut problems, don't know where to start?? by Jeremiah Martin Kubiak ..... IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Date:   6/10/2011 9:22:06 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I agree with mendomaid and J649

you should stay away from the gluten and dairy for sure and like J649 said I am one of the people who have trouble with the peanuts, legumes, soy, starchy vegetables and raw vegetables lightly steamed vegetables work better for me I also stay away from Sugar and alcohol another thing you might try eliminating is eggs they are hard to digest

some grains that work for me are millet, quinoa, amaranth and flax seed meal I make my own flat bread with these grains I just mix up the flours into a pancake type batter and cook it in my oven at 400 degrees on preheated cast iron pans for 20 min

also try eating lots of steamed veggies and some fish as well pistachios and almonds are also a good source of protein

like mendomaid said the gluten free Specific Carbohydrate Diet works good for me as but I dont follow it blindly you have to listen to your body to see what works for you. I also recommend checking out Dr. L Wilson and getting a hair mineral analysis test to check for any imbalances in your mineral ratios and levels

After you have had digestive trouble for awhile it leads to serious problems such as adrenal burnout syndrome and others

keep in mind that you need to have gluten in your diet at the time of testing for celiac because if you have no gluten in your system you will not show up as positive for celiac



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