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Re: 6 year old, yellow skin, constipation & reflux by #142938 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/28/2011 7:59:04 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Have you tried the Blood Purifier (AKA Zapper or Electrifier) & Pulser units (Dr.Beck talks about these during many of his Youtube videos) that were designed by Dr. Bob Beck (you can build them or order them)? If not then do so. You must also purify their diets (& yours) as much as possible which means that you need to stick with simple or even one-ingredient foods like that of our ancestors. Any amount of commercial food processing additives is dangerous. Use Stevia instead of Sugar & it is calorie free. I use the Stevita brand & I buy both the powder & liquid form of it. Don't use the the Stevia powders with Inulin added because I tried to once & I had a bad reaction to it. You could try honey but it could cause them to be hyper & it costs more whereas with Stevia you only need small amounts. At the very last resort use un-processed cane sugar. Stay away from any artificial sweeteners because they are known to cause adverse reactions. Absolutely no fast foods or soda-pop which I recommend for anyone to stay way from. Most tap water is toxic & bottled water can't be trusted because of some unethical manufacturers using tap water & claiming it to be 'artesian or spring-fed' so switch to distilled water (the small loss of minerals will be more than made up for in nutritious whole organic foods) until you can have a whole-house water filter installed like Hulda Clark says but they can be expensive. Make sure that the diet has ample amount of fruits to help avoid constipation (meat can help cause constipation so switch to an organic or minimally processed Amish type of chicken. These are just a few suggestions that come to my mind right now. The main thing is to purify & simplify the diet which is also known as a 'Caveman' , 'Paleolithic' , 'Native' etc. If you have any great-great relatives still alive they will know about pure healthy diets because they were raised on them. There is a famous English playright named MacDougall who cured his Multiple Sclerosis after he switched to a 'Caveman Diet' & you can research the net for his story. Also, make sure that a proper PH balance is maintained because if the body is too acidic (versus alkaline) then it is more prone to sickness. You can research this on the net. The reflux may be helped by just plain Baking Soda which also will raise the PH level because it is very alkaliine.
Make sure to watch the 13 part Dr. Beck video at Youtube.


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