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Re: Fair Time by MH by seanjohn ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   8/5/2011 1:38:37 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Some know they did it, they just don't know WHY they did it.
The assassins of world figures, many don't know why they did it. Who programmed them ?

The big fairground ie. the world, is all under mind hypnotic control, with everyday people under strange compulsions to do things as forces that are not us act thru us..." I don't know what came over me.."
Everyday interactions with each other reinforce the hypnotic control/trance like response/behaviour. Few would accept/believe this, but we all are, not living in the light of reality/reason. It starts early with not knowing how to handle/respond to pressure, as neither our parents did, so the chain continues.
Politicians/authority figures are masters at controlling us thru our weaknesses, it is a complex game.
Most will defend the alien entity living/talking thru them not realizing it is not them.

World war II, how could one man control so many under hypnotic control to do terrible things. Shock them and you control them. Those who saw what was happening left town quick.

The man in Norway who shot 85 of his own people, does he know why he did it ? or did 'they' get to him ? His excuse was the giveaway. HIs lawyer says they think he is insane, not so, they don't understand hypnosis. It is the new weapon.

The meditation exercise makes us aware of/separates us from our thoughts.
Important to wake up and see things as they are as the world powers seek to hold more and more control over the masses thru education/medication/welfare etc.

You think you are living your own life...... think again.
It's a new game once you decide to wake up


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