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rehmannia eight - herbs for adrenal fatigue by superfob ..... Herbal Formulas Support Forum

Date:   8/14/2011 8:45:27 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I've just started taking a Chinese medicine formula called Rehmannia Eight. The ingredients are:

-Prepared daughter root of Sichuan aconite Radix Lateralis Aconiti Carmichaeli Praeparata

-cinnamon twig

-Chinese foxglove root, rehmannia (fresh),Rehmannia root Radix Rehmanniae Glutinosae

-dioscorea rhizome, Chinese yam Dioscoreae Rhizoma

-Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit, cornus Corni Fructus

-moutan root bark, tree peony root bark Cortex Moutan Radicis

-sclerotium of tuckahoe, China root, hoelen, Indian bread Poria Cocos

-alisma rhizome, water plantain Rhizoma Alismatis Orientalis

I have adrenal fatigue - as in low cortisol adrenal fatigue. After taking Rehmannia Eight - which I heard was good for the kidneys and adrenals, I've been feeling even more tired than usual. I've tried other adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwagandha and Adrenal formulas, but they made me more tired and even less tolerant of any physical activity. I've read that adaptogens are actually not very good for people with low cortisol, as it lowers it even more. Rehmannia is suppose to raise cortisol - but there's not much information about the Rehmannia formula.

Anyways, is this a healing reaction from the herbs? Or is it just making me worse? I definately feel more tired and cannot even tolerate standing or walking for too long. My heart is also beats harder after I exert myself in any way. I don't know if I should keep taking it to see what happens - maybe I'm detoxing.

I would appreciate any advice, thanks.

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