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Such a magnificent tree! by Savagegrace ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/10/2006 9:34:02 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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If one were to read all the posts (and FAQs) here, one would find this a common question, but also one that will always keep coming up. It's simply easier to ask than skim though several hundred posts (thousands really!) to find the answer(s).

What's nice is you'll always get a different take. You'll find both sides of the tests. My tests were gallstones, proving it's real. My tests were cholesterol balls, proving it's fake. Proving of course you can chose to justify whatever your belief is.

I can only tell you what I believe to be true and I would be right with a probability of 97%.

But, would you believe me? I mean, why should you?

Stones are a tree in the forest, a really great looking tree, rather magnificent, don’t you think?

A common misconception is that calcified stones are bad. They are.

But saying this means that the “soft” “soap” stones are good?

Or better, the implied implication is they prove the Liver-Flush doesn’t work and is just “making” the “soap” stones.

Saaaaay, look at that tree, like Wow!, It’s really magnificent, don’t you think?

Reading though the posts you’ll find the light green “soft” stones can indeed be produced by the LF.

However, it’s also becomes obvious that the darker green “soft” stones were NOT.

So then one understands that the liver produces two types of stones.

The hard stones are conglomerates of hard salts.

The old soft stones (typically much darker or even black) captured toxins, meds, parasites or emotional evens that stress the body.

The newly formed soft stones are formed by capturing chaff. A very real benefit!

Thus the reason why some people no longer produce even the light green soft stones as they continue doing LF’s.

They are chaff free!

Personally, I enjoy the forest, the tree you enjoy is a large tree indeed, it seems everyone finds it at some time.

Your Humble Servant,

Gracefully Savage
Frick and Frack stood before the huge magnificent tree. Isn’t it beautiful said Frick! Truly sighed Frack.

Frick exclaimed, it’s the biggest tree in the forest, you can spot it from miles away!

Frack looked around and grinned. Well, he said, not when you’re in the forest, thank goodness for the beaten path!

Frick replied, yeah, fortunately the trail is well beaten around the tree and every path into the forest, leads toward it!

Frack, stretching his neck to look high above the trees, realized it was becoming dark.

Time to head home he told Frick. It was after all, a goodly distance to get out of the forest.


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