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EDit :Re: Okay, now we come to all the bleeding heart 'goodness of me' garbage ("ME", the good PERSON). by vektek ..... Christianity (Biblical) Support

Date:   8/26/2011 1:05:00 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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When I made my hogwash statement, I included myself. So it wasn't this big put down that you took it as, unless it was a big put down to myself too. All I meant by it is as humans, everything we say and do is not 100% correct, not even close. You are not perfect and I am certainly not. So, being capable of error, we can't just believe everything each other says or even believe what all ourselves comes up with. I can say, I consulted God about this matter, and you can say the same thing, and then we'll both come up with something completely different. Whose right? Is there absolute truth? Or is it all relative? I believe there is absolute truth. I believe the bible is our standard for what the absolute truth is. I'm not worshipping the bible, but I worship Jesus who the Bible is written about. I could say I worship Mohammed, or Buddha, or whoever, and say that God told me Mohammed or Buddha, or whoever was the one to worship. Or I could say I just worship the god within me, I am all powerful, I myself is god. But all that isn't in the Bible. So when anyone says I worship Mohammed, I worship Buddha, I worship myself, I say that's "hogwash", and I have proof from the Bible that it is. But also I have proof in my heart, because I know who the one true God is and it's Jesus, and I have a relationship with him personally. This relationship I have with Jesus matches what the Bible says about all christian's relationship with Him. He is my Father, my friend, my teacher, my comforter, and most important, my savior. It is a very personal relationship I have with him, but I know it's not some false fantasy that I made up in my head, because this personal relationship that I experience with Him is revealed in the bible. I have experienced His grace, and that He is a God of grace is taught in the bible. I have experience his discipline and that he is a father that disciplines his children is taught in the bile. I have experienced his blessings, and that he is a God who blesses is in the bible. I have experienced His comfort, and thhat he is a God of comfort is in the bible. And I could go on and on.

Right now, Agt guy, believes that maybe God has rejected him even though he says he desires for God to forgive him. That is not biblical. So although it may seem really real to him, and he can go around saying God has rejected me even though he desires otherwise, we know that just isn't the truth. We have scripture to tell us and show people that may be in doubt like Agt guy, that God does not turn away those that desire him. Otherwise, we could say that maybe Agt guy is right, and God rejects those that desire Him. Why not, it's what he believes (at least right now)? Why is what you believe or I believe, better than what he believes?

But regardless of all that, I say things that are hogwash sometimes, or maybe a lot of times. I pray to become closer and closer to Jesus, so that less hogwash comes out of me. Some of that closeness will come through bible studies. Yes, that devilish thing to do that I'm going to be scolded for at judgment, according to you. The bible doesn't just provide milk. It's some really complicated, hard to digest milk, if that's all it is. I see a lot of meat in there that needs some heavy digestion.

Edited :And you just might get a scolding at judgement for degrading what God gave us as written truth so that we would worship Jesus more in truth, than in our own made up error.


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