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Hard learned lessons by grace2010 ..... Lyme (Lime) Disease Forum

Date:   8/30/2011 3:57:21 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Here's a link to 30 pages of guidelines to docs treating Lyme. Burascano is a leading Lyme friendly Doc.

Lyme is always at least 3 illnesses transmitted by the tick. these other illnesses are called co-infections. Here is a brief list of the symptoms of each of the common co-infections. Testing for them is inaccurate but a Lyme Literate Doc will diagnose and treat based on symptoms.

It is very difficult to get well without identifying each of your co-infections and treating each illness. Many of the diagnoses you list above have symptoms that overlap with common co-infections of Lyme.

One of your co-infections or Lyme are usually the most dominant and symptomatic. When you treat the symptoms of the strongest one it weakens and one of the other co-infections becomes more symptomatic and you have a new symptom or two. You end up just chasing symptoms round and round. Each infection has a lot of similar symptoms but one or two that differentiate it so that you can get a sense of what is happening and treat more effectively, for a longer time to better treat the illness. People don't get well without treating co-infections because the co-infectiosn protect the Lyme making it hard to beat.

ILIADS(International Lyme and Associated diseases has lengthy guidelines for physicians treating Lyme and all of the co-infections. This is not an easy process and it is best treated by a Lyme Literate doc who ascribes to the iliads guidelines.

Another tip. Lyme is very cyclical. It is caused by an organism with a life-cycle and the illness can lessen or even appear to remit in cycles. Lyme has a good year and a bad year. Often the better year is assumed to be the result of treatment. Eventually this cycle becomes less noticable as the co-infections become dominant. Sometimes people don't get a good year because the treatment for Lyme is making them so sick. Sometimes they have a really great year- can eat whatever they want without reacting and they think they got worse because of how they ate, or a stressful environment. Of course those have influence, but the Lyme cycle is going to happen until you manage the illness. That is not an easy thing to do even with a good understanding of your co-infections.

If you already new all that then hopefully it will help someone else.

I pray God will comfort you and guide you as you seek to recover.


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