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James Schaller and artesunate by grace2010 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   9/5/2011 6:21:25 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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He was arrested in July after he caught his 15 year old sneaking back into his house with a 14 year old friend. One of the boys mothers started spanking one of the boys and the 14 year old boy pushed the woman after she refused to stop spanking him with the switch. James went inside and got a gun and accused the boy of assault and threatened to blow his head off if he didn't leave with his mother. James' son stepped between the gun and his friend and James then threatened to blow his sons head off. This all according to his sons report to police. His two sons are currently in foster care. His wife has moved out of the home in order to regain custody of them and James is being denied private visitation with both of them. Sounds like everyone there could use all our prayers.

I found all this out by accident while I was trying to research his 2009 Babesia guidelines. I noticed they were not posted on ILIADS. The guidelines are posted for free on his website and I will post a link. Anyone with more info on this protocol and the med he recommends as safer and stronger than Artemesinin, I would really appreciate hearing from you. It is called artesunate and it is a controlled substance that can only be obtained through the FDA in Life threatening situations. It is used internationally, according to some sources, quite broadly as a treatment for Malaria.

Any info or experiences will be greatly appreciated, esp about the safety of using artemisinin longer than a few weeks.

Here's a very brief summary for those who are unfamiliar:

Dr. Schaller was apart time physician, and full time researcher who wrote books on the co-infections of Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia. He basically was following the Iliads recommendations. He did a 18 month follow up of the patients he treated and reported that 100% of them had "relapsed". I need to reread to see if he gets specific about his clinical definition of relapse in this study.
He uses alternative and experimental testing for Babs which he "thinks" are accurate. Kinda like they can't quite prove that the CD57 is exclusively affected by Lyme neither can Schaller prove his test results are exclusive to Lyme but he beleives they are. As a result of his findings he is advocating much stronger doses of herbs or Antibiotics than have previously been advocated. He is requiring bloodwork every two weeks to ensure safety to organs and slowly titrating up as high as each individual seems to react to and keeping patients with Babs on an extra month.

His tests sound really interesting, since there is no accurate Babs test, to my knowledge at present. ILIADS has some of his earlier work on their website but not anything like his 2009 update.

I am so sorry for his troubles and that his work, which may be more promising than other solutions may now be discredited.
Here is the link to his site:


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