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Re: posting the truth on using F-6 other's please post also by stumped ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   10/12/2011 12:22:52 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hey Bobbyjoe,

Thanks for sharing. I have read posts by you and Baraka regarding f6 on lymebusters and mdr which were helpful. I know you two have been around awhile.

The truth is I have not seen much change in my skin at all. My hair seems to keep getting better and from what I understood it does not work on the hair. It is the only thing that I can spray on it and it stops moving completely. Vinegar works for a while but recently the hair seemed to find a way to beat that as it was not working as well as it used to. The now platinum enzymes had no effects at all on the hair. I spray it and it moves the same as if I had not sprayed.

After hearing Pam's radio show with gordon I looked into the product. I googled the ingredients one by one. What came up in one search was products containing ... I saw the Now digest platinum had all the ingredients as Gordons formula except ... I read that honey has that so I added that to diet more. I decided to try the now enzymes on theory to see what effect before spending over $200.

Results of the Now platinum enzymes so far:

- digestion improved less food particles looking whole, able to tolerate more foods without gut inflammation this has been consistent.

-sprayed on skin got a lot of new lesions and a lot of the hard things that are the white gels dried up that came out. So much that I stopped spraying after the shower. All the new lesions stopped as well as hard dried ones coming out. I guess I will try again on limited areas.

second effect from spraying skin pealing in areas where I know fibers live ( cracks of my hands, I know this because of the hot summer day and rubber gloves episode where hundreds of fibers came out of my hands ) and one scab standing straight up like a tree with a poof of fibers coming out of the top

- now enzymes dry on lesions, loads of fluid, added bandaids, got a huge raised rash on my stomach like when I first got infected but much worse. Lasted a day or so...

- now enzymes between meals unsure if this helps, theory should go to the blood stream, gotta experiment more, currently off in between meals ( this may have been part of the reason for the large amount of lesions I got )

Gordon enzymes-F6

-first day tried dry on bad toe lesion kept putting it on and the lesion kept making fluid. This went on for about an hour then I got a horrible headache. It could have come from this factory behind me that was putting paint fumes into the air that day. i could smell it in my house. I have gotten a headache from that before but not as bad as the one I got that day. I will try again but only one dose, if it fills with fluid so be it.

- i spray mixed 1 1/4 t per spray bottle after the shower on my stomach, one arm, neck, and face ( limited area to test if what it is doing ). It dries fast because of a situation my bathroom door is open for shower so low steam. During the day I continue to spray the one arm.

-sprayed an oozing crusty lesion with a couple of visible fibers, crusty softened, next time I looked bunch of white fibers all tangled up, next time, all fibers gone but still oozing... I gave up after two days of this and put the edta on. It drys up the lesion but all the crap is still inside so it is just fake skin, I can see the white stuff underneath

- I spray my hair a lot before bed. My hair is dry at the time. Before shower I do not spray and after shower I use just a little on the few hairs that need taming and the scalp areas that have been problematic ( no lesions just where I have had bumps that hurt or crawling or cowl licks or hair loss).

As said my hair is better every day. Sadly, I have not noticed the changes in the skin you and others spoke of. I am going to keep up the routine for a while longer. Anything you see I may be screwing up suggestions are welcome.

So glad for your progress, hopefully something to this.



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