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The Late Steve Jobs by fecalodor ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   10/26/2011 1:37:39 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hello everyone.
I was reading a copy of the NY Post recently, and I found out that the late Steve Jobs was accused of having Body Odor and not showering when he was working for a certain company. He was also alleged to have abused LSD. I believe LSD can cause liver damage.
Recently I discovered that one of the ingredients in my skin cream causes liver damage. I have been using that same skin cream ever since I was little. Another family member that has used a beauty creme that has the same "liver damaging ingredient" also has had episodes of "unexplained" Body Odor on and off where she's constantly teased and referred to as smelling like a baby's diaper. Being that it is hard to detect liver damage until very late when the liver has become irreparably damaged, could our symptoms be an indication of "early problems" with our liver.
Body Odor is such a shameful thing and almost no one wants to publicly admit to suffering from it. So we all tend to suffer in shame silently. And with doctors denying body odor when patient asks them to verify, it may be impossible to find the link between body odor early in life and liver problems later on. I don't know which started first: the late Steve Jobs' alleged body odor or his alleged "LSD" use?
I believe I also read it somewhere that the late Steve Jobs is one of the few rich people that would die and not will out something to the poor or charity. Does this sound like a person who had been taunted for body odor or not?
I know it's easy for people to like you once you become rich and famous.
Lastly, apart from anal odor, I also suffer from facial odor. I read online that someone got rid of his facial odor from doing liver flush. My facial odor becomes intense if I eat a lot of sweet stuff, especially if I get constipated around that time as well.

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